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Oscars 2011

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    Anne Hathaway Declined 2011 Oscars Host Gig, But James Franco Talked Her Into It“If he’d turned around and said, ‘I’m pranking you right now,’ I think I would have been okay with it.”
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    The Iron Lady Finally Gets a Release DateJust in time for Oscar nominations.
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    The Answers to the Tiebreaker Questions on Vulture’s Oscar BallotAnd apologies for the delay.
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    Shaggy Oscar Winner Luke Matheny Talks About His Stint As the Most Recognizable Man in Hollywood“I guess right now I’m just in a zip code where everyone saw the Oscars last night.”
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    The Oscars: The Complete Winners ListCongrats to ‘The King’s Speech.’
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    Watch Melissa Leo Say the F-Word at the OscarsOops.
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    Tom Hanks Will Present the First OscarHopefully he’ll keep things on schedule.
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    Camille Grammer Gets a Gig at CNNFinally, the respect she deserves.
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    Billy Crystal Tells Vulture His Advice for Oscar Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway“Look like you want to be there … I mean that seriously.”
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    The Five Weirdest Oscar Hosts EverIt’s often referred to as the most prestigious gig in Hollywood, even though it’s been given to Donald Duck and Crocodile Dundee.
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    Hugh Jackman Reportedly Turned Down Oscar-Hosting GigSo who will take it?
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    Milk Producer, Prolific TV Director to Produce OscarsThey have a well-toned act to follow.