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Oscars 2022

  1. pretty statues
    Cheese: An Annotated History of the Oscar Class PhotoThe group portraits are back this year — and one nominee is noticeably absent.
  2. exit interview
    Baz Luhrmann Is the Stanley Kubrick of ConfettiThe Elvis director’s opulent movies aren’t for everyone, and he’s okay with that.
  3. grand theft oscar
    CODA Star Troy Kotsur’s Oscar Inadvertently Stolen by Local JuvenilesThey nabbed his Jeep (which doubles as a trophy cabinet).
  4. some healing needs to be done
    Jada Pinkett Smith Brings the Slap to the Red Table“Now about Oscars night …”
  5. oscars 2022
    Parents React to the SlapRichard Williams stated he doesn’t condone violence, and Will Smith’s mother, Carolyn, said it was “the first time I’ve ever seen him go off.”
  6. the slap
    Several Will Smith Projects Allegedly ‘on Hold’ Post-Oscars SlapNational Geographic put Will Smith’s show Pole to Pole on pause until the fall.
  7. haha jk … unless?
    Leonardo DiCaprio Gives the ‘Go Ahead’ for Younger-Girlfriend JokesGive us 25 reasons why we shouldn’t. One for each year.
  8. shrekpilled
    Does Al Pacino Have a Shrek Phone Case?Oscar-winning actors are like onions. Onions have layers.
  9. the slap
    The Oscars Slaps Will Smith With a 10-Year BanHe remains eligible for nominations and wins.
  10. grammys 2022
    Grammys 2022: How Many Slap Jokes Did We Get?The Slap content started before the award show.
  11. welp
    Academy Says It ‘Will Take a Few Weeks’ to Investigate the SlapWill Smith reportedly met with the Academy’s president and CEO to apologize before disciplinary procedures began.
  12. oscars 2022
    Will Smith Resigns From Academy Membership After Oscars Slap“I want to put the focus back on those who deserve attention for their achievements,” he said in a new statement.
  13. streaming wars
    The Oscars’ Long Road to Embracing StreamingCulminating in a historic CODA Best Picture win for Apple TV+.
  14. the slap
    Oscars Producer Will Packer Says Police Offered to Arrest Will Smith“I just remember thinking, Oh no, oh no, not like this.
  15. the slap
    Chris Rock Addresses the Slap at Boston ShowsRock briefly addressed the weekend before getting into his prepared material.
  16. oscars 2022
    What Just Happened With Chris Rock and Will Smith at the Oscars?Will Smith got onstage and slapped Rock.
  17. oscars 2022
    Where’s Chris Rock?The other man of the hour began his Ego Death tour on March 30.
  18. celebs react
    Hollywood Reacts to the SlapDenzel Washington addressed the slap and elaborated on his advice to Will Smith that night.
  19. apologies
    Will Smith Apologizes to Chris Rock and ‘Everyone Watching’ for the Oscars Slap“This is a season for healing and I’m here for it,” Jada Pinkett Smith added on Instagram.
  20. last night on late night
    Questlove Was in a Meditative State During the SlapWhen he accepted his Oscar moments later, he “really wasn’t aware” of what had happened.
  21. oscars 2022
    How CODA Won Best PictureAll season long, Sian Heder’s movie was overshadowed by bigger, starrier contenders. But none of that mattered come final voting.
  22. last night on late night
    Amber Ruffin Deserves an Oscar for Best Oscars Recap“Life as we know it changed forever.”
  23. oscars 2022
    The Oscars Telecast Was a Disaster Without the SlapBy trying to be everything to everybody, the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony turned into a disjointed mess.
  24. oscars 2022
    The Oscars Needed More Jokes, ActuallyJokes could have relieved the ceremony’s unbearable tension. Why didn’t the Oscars make more?
  25. the movies
    The Oscars Are Just a Work EventWith grudges, professional pretenses, and a lot of big talk about how important a flawed industry is.
  26. fight night
    Just Bitch-Slap the Whole AcademyThe Oscars finally got the show it deserved.
  27. don’t call it a comeback
    The 2022 Oscars Had 50 Percent More Viewers Than Last YearMaking the broadcast the second-lowest-watched ceremony of all time.
  28. chastainiacs
    This Is Not a Picture of Nicole Kidman Reacting to the SlapSo what was she gasping over? The answer may surprise you.
  29. oscars 2022
    What I Saw Inside the Room When Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock“This is the most unhinged evening of our lives.”
  30. highs and lows
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2022 OscarsIn a year when the Oscars pitched themselves as a grand return to normalcy, Hollywood felt more unnatural than ever.
  31. oscars 2022
    CODA Becomes First Streaming Movie to Win Best Picture at the OscarsApple TV+’s intimate family comedy-drama is the first streaming movie to win Best Picture.
  32. awards season
    Dune Leads 2022 Oscar Winners With Six AwardsWhile CODA takes Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor for Troy Kotsur.
  33. oscars 2022
    Megan Thee Stallion Got Her Own ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ VerseSomething for thee kiddies.
  34. oscars 2022
    Will Smith Apologizes to the Academy in Best Actor Acceptance Speech“I hope the Academy invites me back.”
  35. oscars 2022
    Watch Troy Kotsur’s Oscars Acceptance Speech … Through Your TearsHe thanks his family and admits that he almost taught the POTUS “some dirty sign language.”
  36. oscars 2022
    Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes, and Amy Schumer Invent the Oscars TrialogueAh, the Oscars, “where movie lovers unite and watch TV!”
  37. i woke up like this
    Hans Zimmer Woke Up an Oscar WinnerA hotel bar in Amsterdam is as good a place to celebrate an Oscar win as any other.
  38. oscars thirst watch
    Make The Oscars The Regina Hall Dating Show“Take your mask off if you have one. And your clothes.”
  39. oscars 2022
    See Every Red-Carpet Look From the 2022 OscarsAs the cast of High School Musical 3 once said, “Tonight’s the night!”
  40. oscars 2022
    Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Served an Electric-Green Oscars OpeningIt’s giving … tennis.
  41. oscars 2022
    No One Told Kristen Stewart That the Oscars Aren’t Airing the Shorts CategoriesCategory is: magicians on holiday.
  42. astroworld tragedy
    Travis Scott Reportedly Performed for the First Time Since AstroworldHe is still being sued for billions of dollars.
  43. dune: part two
    What the Dune Team Is Planning for the Sandworms in Part TwoGet ready to watch Timothée Chalamet ride sandworms and meet their little troutlike offspring.
  44. role call
    Rosie Perez Answers All Our Questions About White Men Can’t JumpOn losing it in front of Alex Trebek, that time Woody Harrelson ratted her out to Wesley Snipes, and the trio’s upcoming Oscars reunion.
  45. rankings
    All 53 Oscar-Nominated Movies, RankedIt’s the end of another Oscars season. Let’s celebrate (and side-eye) the movies that made the cut.
  46. oscar futures?
    Is COVID-19 Our New Oscars Dark Horse?The virus had a surprise showing at this year’s BAFTAs.
  47. vulture lists
    Oscar-Nominated Chauffeurs, RankedFrom Driving Miss Daisy to Drive My Car, there’s been a long history of awards-season drivers.
  48. oscars 2022
    Every ‘How to Watch the Oscars’ Question You Have, AnsweredWe don’t know whether “Da Butt” will ride again, but we do know when the ceremony starts.
  49. rankings
    Every Type of Oscar-Acceptance Speech, RankedFrom printed lists (boo!) to giggle fits to self-indulgent spectacles, we ranked 19 categories of Oscar-acceptance speeches.
  50. oscar villains
    Against Every 2022 Oscars MovieIf you’re still not sure what to root for this year, at least you can come up with something to root against.
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