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  1. ouchies
    Jon Stewart Got an ‘Attitude Adjustment,’ a.k.a. Wrecked, by WWE’s John CenaRevenge hurts.
  2. ouchies
    An Injured M. Trainor Had to Postpone Two Shows“I hate everything right now.”
  3. The 25 Worst Ways to Be Killed by Arnold SchwarzeneggerWhen Arnold kills you, he kills you real good.
  4. ouchies
    Johnny Depp’s Injury Continues to Stall Pirates of the Caribbean 5But the release date of the film hasn’t changed … yet.
  5. ouchies
    The Other Nasty Jokes From Bieber’s RoastAll the ones directed at the celebs on his dais.
  6. ouchies
    The 17 Worst Ways to Be Killed by Liam NeesonThe Vengeful Waiter! The Slicer! The Groundhog!