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Our Streaming Future

  1. convince me
    Sex and the City Is Coming to Netflix. So What?A hallmark of HBO prestige headed to the Starbucks of streaming doesn’t herald the end-times — yet.
  2. cancelations
    TV Has Always Disappeared. This Feels Different.When titles disappear without warning, the whole streaming space starts to seem less stable.
  3. 2020
    The Year Hollywood Stopped Playing by Its Own RulesIt took a pandemic to force the movie-making business to change its ways. But what does a post-2020 industry really look like?
  4. our streaming future
    Is It a Movie or Is It TV? And Does Anyone Really Care?After nearly a year of watching everything on the same damn screen, four critics attempt to talk through an unkillable debate.
  5. our streaming future
    Will a Comedy Ever Play at a Movie Theater Again?Three writers wonder if 2020 is the end of the end of laughing out loud at the cinema.