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Pablo Picasso

  1. art review
    Matisse’s Miracle in RedA small exhibition at MoMA captures a big moment in Modernism.
  2. Picasso’s Guernica, Explained by Jerry Saltz to Passersby in the NYC SubwayThere was even a musical interpretation!
  3. unfinished business
    Inside the New Met Breuer’s Housewarming ShowThe stories behind 500 years of “unfinished” artworks in one famous Brutalist redoubt.
  4. How Picasso the Sculptor Ruptured Art History“Picasso Sculpture” could be one of the great learning experiences of your seeing life.
  5. Good-bye Forever to Picasso’s Women of AlgiersI set eyes on the beautiful reward by Picasso known as The Women of Algiers, an epic master class on the ways of painting, which will be sold tonight to a private collector for $140 million.
  6. art
    A Brief History of Butts in ArtFrom classical to contemporary.
  7. three-sentence reviews
    3-Sentence Reviews: Picasso, Clemente, and MurakamiRapid-response criticism and Pablo’s enormous penis.
  8. casting couch
    Gwyneth Paltrow Eyeing Picasso FilmStarring Antonio Banderas.
  9. art
    Somebody Stole a PicassoAnd the suspect description is both specific yet vague.
  10. art theft
    Over 200 Possibly Stolen Picasso Works Turn Up in French Electrician’s Garage“It was madame who gave them to me, because he was pleased with my service.”
  11. oops
    Lady Trips at the Met, Rips a PicassoUnless this woman was once pantsed on national TV, this was surely most embarrassing moment of her life.
  12. art candy
    Artist Julien Friedler Sinks His Teeth Into PicassoThis year, MoMA, and just about everyone else in this city, commemorated the 100-year anniversary of the completion of Picasso’s masterpiece, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. 2008 is rapidly approaching, but the celebration isn’t over just yet.