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  1. Inky’s Letter, by Barbara Holm My Dearest Clyde, I lay pen to pixelated paper on day 487,000 of this desolate bloodshed. Every treacherous battle is the same. My brethren […]
  2. Is ‘Christmas Comes to Pac-Land’ the Worst Christmas Special Ever?Christmas Comes to Pac-Land generally finds itself atop lists of weirdest and worst holiday specials. Ignoring most of the tropes associated […]
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    See Live-Action Mario and Pac-Man Re-created in Post-ItsBecause why shouldn’t this exist?
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    Watch Pac-Man: The Movie, a Homemade Sci-Fi TributeSo, like, if Tron were yellow … ?
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    Watch a Scene From Pac-Man: The Claymation MusicalFeaturing hungry singing ghosts.
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    Play First-Person Pac-Man on a Deserted HighwayIt does look fun from the front seat of Pac-Man’s DeLorean.
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    Pac-Man Reality Series In DevelopmentWaka waka waka.
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    Waste the Next Ten Minutes Playing Pac-Man on Google’s New HomepageGoogle! *Shaking fist.*
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    Watch the Trailer for Pac-Man, the Live-Action Horror MovieSpooky.