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  1. Homosexuality in Mainstream Comedy and the Confused, Fascinating Sexual […]The fascinatingly dated 1982 mismatched buddy comedy Partners, which was just released on Blu-Ray by Olive after decades of screaming public […]
  2. charts
    Barbra Streisand Edges Out Chris Brown for No. 1Sorry, Chris.
  3. The Social Media Graveyard of Canceled ComediesDozens and dozens of new shows premiere each new TV season (and mid-season, and off-season) but only a handful live to see season two. These […]
  4. gone too soon
    In Memoriam: TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2012Grab the tissues!
  5. ‘Partners’: The Post-MortemSometimes TV shows drag their unfunny, uninteresting, yet highly rated feet across our living rooms for years. “Who let this happen?” we ponder […]
  6. CBS Pulls the Plug on ‘Partners’ Deadline reports that CBS is canceling its new Monday night sitcom Partners. The low-rated series, starring David Krumholtz, Michael […]
  7. zombie shows
    CBS Puts Partners Out of Its MiseryIts death was not unexpected.
  8. the industry
    Why Won’t the Networks Cancel Partners and The Mob Doctor?In past years low-rated new shows like these would have been gone in two weeks. Here are the three reasons they’re still hanging on.
  9. fall tv 2012
    CBS Orders Full Seasons of Elementary and VegasThe pickups keep on comin’.
  10. fall tv 2012
    After One Week, Which TV Shows Look Good and Which Seem Doomed?NBC is actually doing okay, but Fox has some headaches.
  11. Relax, NBC Comedy Fans, CBS’s Monday Night Sitcom Block’s Ratings Are Down […]Just a few days after NBC’s Thursday night comedy block returned to less-than-stellar ratings, CBS’s Monday night sitcom bunch came back to a […]
  12. vulture lists
    Every Cliché From Last Night’s PartnersDid you hear the one about the gay guy who liked Bette Midler? He was very gay.
  13. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz on CBS’s Partners: Call It Okay, But Don’t Call It ProgressWhen an LGBT-friendly show like this can debut and be greeted with a collective shrug, we suppose that’s kind of a positive thing?
  14. lookalikes
    A Tale of Two Partners: CBS in 2012, Fox in 1995No such thing as too many sitcoms about BFF architects.
  15. Let’s Rank This Fall’s New Comedies Based On Their Trailers And Who’s […]The first episode of a comedic television series is a good indicator for what the show can become. They are also almost always not particularly […]
  16. Is CBS Recycling a 90s Fox Sitcom with ‘Partners’?Coming to Mondays at 8:30 on CBS this fall is Partners, a new sitcom from James Burrows that the network describes as being about “two […]
  17. Ummm, So, CBS Announces Their Fall ScheduleNot to be all like, “CBS’s schedule – woof,” but CBS’s schedule – woof.  The “big news” is they moved Two And A Half Men to Thursday nights at […]
  18. ABC and CBS Will Have New Comedies TooLost in all of the exciting new comedies melee, ABC and CBS announced some new shows as well. ABC will be bringing on four new comedies: Family […]