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Patrick Warburton

  1. chat room
    Patrick Warburton on Lemony, The Tick Remake“Supermans get replaced. Batmans get replaced. Even the Tick.”
  2. the vulture tv podcast
    How Funny Does The Young Pope Want to Be?A conversation about this odd duck of a show.
  3. Patrick Warburton Joins Unfortunate EventsFortunate casting news.
  4. seinfeld
    Seinfeld Cast Members Send In-Character Videos to Terminally Ill FanSobbing this much is making me thirsty.
  5. NBC Orders Three New Comedies Starring America Ferrera, Mark-Paul […]Say hello to the next round of comedies set to premiere on NBC during the 2015-2016 season. THR reports that the network has ordered three new […]
  6. the industry
    NBC Picks Up Two Sitcoms: Superstore and CrowdedOne’s about family, the other’s about a superstore.
  7. Rob Huebel Will Star in a New CBS Pilot with Patrick Warburton Childrens Hospital and Human Giant star Rob Huebel has a new show in development. Deadline reports that Huebel has been cast as one of the […]
  8. If All Our Generals Looked Like Patrick Warburton Countries Would Be […] Do you like extended comedic metaphors equating military action with sex? And do you like Patrick Warburton (Puddy from Seinfeld and Ken […]
  9. Let Patrick Warburton Welcome You to the World’s Worst Roller Coaster Here’s the latest from Funny or Die, in which sheriff Patrick Warburton acts as host to a very serious roller coaster’s safety video. It all […]
  10. Patrick Warburton Joins Living-Teddy-Bear Comedy TedFrom Greg the Bunny to Mel Gibson’s upcoming The Beaver, Americans have long used animate stuffed animals as an avatar of their deep-seated […]
  11. The President Has Never Seen Rocky In this new CollegeHumor video, the president, played by Seinfeld’s Patrick Warburton, reveals to the press corps that he’s never seen the […]
  12. the industry
    Fifty Percent of Olsen Twins to Appear in FilmElton John, Dolly Parton, and more