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Paul Sorvino

  1. oscars 2023
    Anne Heche, Tom Sizemore, Paul Sorvino Left Off Oscars In MemoriamBut don’t worry — this time, the Academy had a QR code.
  2. remembrance
    The Opera in Paul SorvinoThe late actor, known for playing paragons of retrograde masculinity, drew from a well of tenderness unreachable to most.
  3. rip
    Paul Sorvino, GoodFellas and Dick Tracy Actor, Dead at 83Known for acting as a mob boss in GoodFellas, Sorvino also loved his family, poetry, and opera.
  4. party lines
    Meryl Streep at the Speak Truth to Power ReadingPlus: Julianne Moore, Alfred Molina, Marcia Gay Harden …