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  1. coming soon
    Regina Hall to Run Around in P.T. Anderson’s Newest MovieIf it’s anything like Licorice Pizza, she better pack good running shoes.
  2. film culture
    Scorsese, Spielberg, and P.T. Anderson Save Turner Classic MoviesAfter Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav set layoffs at the network.
  3. a long talk
    The Jon Brion MethodThe super-producer has spent 30 years perfecting the art of collaboration with everyone from Beyoncé to Elliott Smith.
  4. essential scenes
    The 15 Best Paul Thomas Anderson Movie ScenesFrom a red corvette to a waterbed delivery truck.
  5. role call
    William H. Macy Answers Every Question We Have About Boogie NightsOn his visit to a porn set, Burt Reynolds’s “clueless” attitude, and making Paul Thomas Anderson laugh — and smell — during that killer shot.
  6. alternate timelines
    Maya Rudolph Was Approached to Star in Killing Eve“But there was no way I was about to move to Europe for months. Like, how?”
  7. rip
    Philip Baker Hall, Longtime Character Actor, Dead at 90Known for his work with Paul Thomas Anderson and roles in The Truman Show, Zodiac, and Argo.
  8. actors on actors
    Bradley Cooper ‘Didn’t Give Up on Acting’ Thanks to Paul Thomas Anderson“He was teaching me all about lenses, things I never knew.”
  9. behind the seams
    How to Dress Like Alana Haim in Licorice PizzaThe costume team behind Licorice Pizza on the details of Alana Haim’s vintage ’70s fits, from babydoll dresses to halter tops and miniskirts.
  10. movie review
    Licorice Pizza’s Unlikely Romance Is the Least Interesting Thing About ItPaul Thomas Anderson’s love letter to the Valley in the ’70s is a series of delightful episodes attached to a less compelling central story.
  11. hollywood connections
    Mama HAIM Taught Art to Paul Thomas Anderson, says Baby HAIM“I drink your milkshake” was actually a quote from the playground.
  12. trailer mix
    Alana Haim Is Paul Thomas Anderson’s ’70s Ingénue in the Licorice Pizza TrailerBradley Cooper is also there, smashing cars.
  13. music videos
    Haim’s ‘Man From the Magazine’ Serves Deli Meats and Dumb GuysShot at Canter’s Deli in LA.
  14. casting
    Cooper Hoffman, Son of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Stars in PTA’s New MovieLike father, like son.
  15. first looks
    Bradley Cooper Reunites With Bronzer on the Set of PTA’s New MovieCo-starring a Haim sister.
  16. the industry
    Bradley Cooper May Be Joining Paul Thomas Anderson’s ’70s Child-Actor DramaPresumably as an adult of some kind.
  17. hunter’s line readings
    This One Line From Magnolia Plays on a Loop in My HeadJulianne Moore delivers an excruciating ellipses.
  18. the late ‘90s
    Fiona Apple Details Ugly Relationship With Paul Thomas Anderson“Fuck this, this is not a good relationship.”
  19. movies
    PTA Is Making a 1970s-Set High-School Movie, Film Boys Frantically Call AgentsAbout a high-school student who is also a successful child actor.
  20. haim
    Stop What You’re Doing and Listen to Haim’s New Summer Anthem ‘Summer Girl’A music video filmed … once upon a time in Hollywood, some might say.
  21. album review
    2019 Is Ripe for Some Thom Yorke Perspective and He DeliversOn ANIMA, his third solo album, Yorke tries to make sense of the maelstrom.
  22. anima
    Thom Yorke Announces Solo Album and Short Film by Paul Thomas AndersonAnima the album and Anima the short film come out on June 27.
  23. nice stories
    Here’s a Really Nice Story About Paul Thomas Anderson and John KrasinskiIt’s about not dissing other people’s movies.
  24. Adam Sandler Films Live Comedy Special for Netflix, Paul Thomas Anderson […]Next week @elreytheatre! pic.twitter.com/UolyPcrNWE— Adam Sandler (@AdamSandler) April 4, 2018 Adam Sandler filmed a comedy special in […]
  25. exclusive clip
    See How Reynolds’s Personal Style Evolved in an Early Phantom Thread Camera TestWith extra commentary from costume designer Mark Bridges, who won an Oscar for his work on the film.
  26. oscars 2018
    Tiffany Haddish, Maya Rudolph Promise the Oscars Aren’t Getting ‘Too Black’Paul Thomas Anderson, you’d better be scripting their buddy comedy from your seat.
  27. right-click
    Watch Haim’s New Paul Thomas Anderson–Directed ‘Night So Long’ VideoFor our hungry boys (and girls).
  28. phantom thread
    6 Delightful Moments From Paul Thomas Anderson’s Twitter Q&AInduct Paul Thomas Anderson into Call Me by Your Name stan Twitter immediately.
  29. Daniel Day-Lewis Grumbles Over Tea in Phantom Thread Exclusive Clip“The tea is going out, but the interruption is staying right here with me!”
  30. phantom thread
    How Phantom Thread Made Toast IrritatingAnd captured the sound of fabric.
  31. last night on late night
    Daniel Day-Lewis Loves Trashy Reality TV Just As Much As You DoOne show has a special place in his heart.
  32. haute couture
    The Story Behind Phantom Thread’s Incredible Couture DressesCostume designer Mark Bridges talks through some of the movie’s best gowns.
  33. new york film critics circle
    PTA Wants to Work With Tiffany Haddish So Much He Passed Along His Phone NumberHe has an 818 number.
  34. The Most Scathing One-Liners From Phantom ThreadCome for the incredible acting and gorgeous clothes, stay for the cold-as-hell putdowns.
  35. Phantom Thread’s Lesley Manville on Playing Daniel Day-Lewis’s Twisted Sister“I agree with you that it’s an odd relationship.”
  36. Phantom Thread Underscores the Great Tragedy of Daniel Day-Lewis’s RetirementWe’re not so much watching Woodcock the rarefied designer as Day-Lewis the rarefied actor.
  37. Love, Death, and Control: Paul Thomas Anderson on Making Phantom ThreadWhy did the 47-year-old filmmaker head across the pond to direct his new drama with Daniel Day-Lewis? Because he hears a ticking clock.
  38. trailer mix
    See Daniel Day-Lewis As a Lothario Fashion Designer in Phantom ThreadDay-Lewis and Anderson reunite for first collaboration since There Will Be Blood.
  39. dance like nobody’s watching
    Enjoy Some GIFs of Haim’s Dance Moves in Their ‘Little of Your Love’ VideoThe Paul Thomas Anderson video feels like a sequel to “Want You Back.”
  40. haim
    Haim Made a Short Film With P.T. Anderson, and They Want You to See It on 35-mmA July 5 screening in Brooklyn has been organized so the film can be seen “as it was originally intended.”
  41. haute couture
    Would You Buy a Dress From Daniel Day-Lewis?The actor is reportedly interested in becoming a dressmaker.
  42. paul thomas anderson
    Official Details for P.T. Anderson’s New MovieThe untitled movie reteams Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis ten years after There Will Be Blood.
  43. first look
    See Daniel Day-Lewis On Set for PTA’s New MovieThe untitled movie is the pair’s first collaboration since There Will Be Blood.
  44. the videodome
    Paul Thomas Anderson’s New Radiohead Music Video Is a Tranquil, Soothing TreatFor “The Numbers.”
  45. the videodome
    Watch the Video for Radiohead’s ‘Present Tense’Finally, a CR-78 gets the spotlight it deserves.
  46. movies
    Is Paul Thomas Anderson’s Next Movie About This Famous Fashion Designer?We did some digging on his next project, set to star Daniel Day-Lewis.
  47. there will be movies
    PT Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis Are ReunitingDay-Lewis hasn’t been in a film since Lincoln in 2012.
  48. now playing at a theater near you
    P.T. Anderson’s Radiohead Video Is in TheatersAlamo Drafthouse, New York’s Metrograph, and other great theaters will screen the short.
  49. music videos
    Did Paul Thomas Anderson Direct a New Radiohead Video?Maybe.
  50. Jon Brion on the Music of Punch-Drunk LoveWe talked to him about working with Paul Thomas Anderson and his future musical plans.
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