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Paul Weitz

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    Lily Tomlin on Grandma, Weed, and Jane Fonda“We want to be like Lucy and Ethel.”
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    Topher Grace Was Scared to Take on Theater“I was having nightmares about people in the back row saying, ‘Speak up, sitcom boy.’”
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    Owen Wilson Weighing Decision to Join Tina Fey in AdmissionA film directed by Paul Weitz.
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    Paul Weitz and Nick Flynn on Being Flynn, Shooting Without Permits, and Robert De Niro’s Dry Humor ” … I could never tell if he was joking or not.”
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    Jeremy Piven Quits Job As Thermometer, TooPlus: Drake very mature for his age.
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    Christian Bale Will Hunt Johnny Depp to the Ends of the EarthPaul Greengrass is just about the last man in Hollywood who could get an Iraq-war movie green-lit at this point.