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    M.I.A. Creates a Patreon to *Cash Register Ding* Take Your MoneyThe “Paper Planes” singer promises exclusive videos, livestreams, and more in return.
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    Patty Jenkins Reportedly Closing a Deal to Direct Wonder Woman 2The director was reportedly holding out for a much, much bigger payday.
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    BBC Says the New Female Doctor Who Will Be Paid the Same As Her Male PredecessorNo “78 cents on the dollar” here.
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    Jimmy Kimmel Reveals His Oscars-Hosting Pay DayA not-massive $15,000.
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    Ford Paid 50 Times More Than Star Wars Co-StarsSurprise, surprise.
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    Lorde Signed a $2.5 Million Publishing DealOn her seventeenth birthday.
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    Rosie O’Donnell, Alec Baldwin Discuss ‘Sick Oprah Money’Money: It makes the world go round.
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    Bono Is a Facebook Billionaire, ProbablyCongrats, Bono.
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    The Situation Earned More in 2010 than CeraHe’ll make $5 million this year.
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    Beach Boys Would Like to Get Paid for Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ Now, ThanksTheir label sends Perry’s label a note asking for royalties.
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    Glee’s Ryan Murphy Gets Paid$24 million over four years, plus profit sharing.