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  1. quote machine
    From Lee King to the King of the Jews: The Best Quotes of 2007“My mind thinks like that all the time, coming up with crazy clever metaphors and rhymery thingies.”
  2. quote machine
    Alan Cumming Finds Hilarity in Unexpected Places“There is a long sequence where I torture him … and there are all these blood spurts, and then you think I am going to set him on fire. It’s funny — almost hilarious in parts.”
  3. the best part
    The Weirdest User Comment on the New Will Ferrell Viral VideoLast night, FunnyOrDie.com launched the sequel to its viral video hit “The Landlord.” The new video, again starring Will Ferrell and 2-year-old Pearl McKay (daughter of director Adam McKay), is called “Good Cop, Baby Cop” and pits unrepentant triple murderer Ferrell against “loose cannon” interrogator Pearl.
  4. tube junkie
    Will Ferrell Outed as GrupCourtesy of FunnyOrDie.com Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s new user-supplied video site, FunnyOrDie.com, made a splashy debut this week with a feature in the Hollywood Reporter and a reported 2 million streams for the site’s showcase video, “The Landlord.” The short consists mostly of Ferrell’s sad-sack character facing off against his angry landlord. The gimmick is that the landlord is played by McKay’s toddler daughter, Pearl. How funny you find it will depend on how funny you find a 3-year-old screaming, “Give me my money, bitch!”