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Peggy Olson

  1. mad men series finale
    Watch Peggy and Pete’s Last Scene Together“A thing like that.”
  2. new couple?
    Elisabeth Moss on Her Date on Tonight’s Mad Men“I f*cking flipped out.”
  3. chat room
    Elisabeth Moss on Being Peggy Olson“I think she’s hilarious.”
  4. moving on
    How Playing Heidi Holland Helped Elisabeth Moss Get Over Peggy Olson“There are other great women out there that I’m gonna fall in love with.”
  5. slideshow
    The Many Faces of Mad Men’s Peggy OlsonShe’s the most expressive character on the show.
  6. my punny valentine
    See Our Mad Men Valentine’s Day Card RecapsBecause in Mad Men world, yesterday was Valentine’s Day.
  7. chat room
    Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss on Peggy’s Future“My boobs looked the best in that one.”
  8. mad men
    Elisabeth Moss Addresses Peggy-Don Romance SpeculationThey may never consummate their close relationship, she says.
  9. peggy olson
    Even in ‘Ribald Comedy,’ Elisabeth Moss Basically Seems Like Peggy OlsonCan we believe Elisabeth Moss as any other character besides Peggy?
  10. casting couch
    Mad Men Casting New Actors Who Sound Like the Old ActorsThat “handsome creative male” had better not replace Jon Hamm.