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  1. movie review
    Penguins Would Be Amazing With the Sound Turned OffDisney’s nature documentary could do without its 1980s power-pop soundtrack.
  2. roll clip!
    People Are Going Nuts Over This National Geographic Soap Opera About PenguinsMore like National Geographic. Damn!
  3. the industry
    Prepare Your Hearts: March of the Penguins Is Getting a SequelIt was shot last winter in Antarctica.
  4. bill o’reilly
    Watch Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller Make Fun of Gays, Mexicans, and PenguinsUsually, laughter is contagious. Unless it’s Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller laughing endlessly about gays, immigrants, and disenfranchised protesters.
  5. clickables
    Watch the Penguin Version of Chariots of FireExcept technically he’s long jumping.
  6. penguins
    Warner Bros. Politely Yet Firmly Tells Brittany Murphy’s Husband to Go Fly a KiteThe studio says that they never had a deal with Murphy to reprise her role in ‘Happy Feet II.’
  7. penguins
    Brittany Murphy’s Husband Plans To Sue Warner Bros.Simon Monjack also wants you to know that he’s very smart and independently wealthy. So there!