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  1. big dirk energy
    The Story Behind Mark Wahlberg’s Giant Boogie Nights PenisHow the sausage was made, if you will.
  2. napoleonica
    Yes, Succession Fans, Napoleon’s Severed Penis Is a Collector’s ItemSadly, Connor Roy is right this time.
  3. we had questions
    How Gary Does the DicksThere are dozens of performing mechanical phalluses onstage, and they don’t just build themselves, folks.
  4. last night on late night
    Chris Pine Knows You’re Talking About His Penis, Baby!“Different strokes for different folks.”
  5. bad jokes
    A Netflix Children’s Show Is Now Also Asking: Who Drew the Dicks?The production company behind the Netflix children’s show is taking legal action.
  6. anacondas
    Jon Hamm Isn’t Mad You Know He Has a Gigantic Penis“It was a topic of fascination for other people, certainly not me.”
  7. questions you did not need answered
    Joe Jonas Discussed His Penis in a Candid AMAJoe, what?
  8. last night on late night
    Seth Rogen Picks His Favorite Penis: Orlando Bloom’s or Justin Bieber’s?“Orlando’s probably a bigger guy…”
  9. male nudity
    Game of Thrones Has Never Been Afraid of PenisesThrones has been showcasing the true D since 2011.
  10. music
    Justin Bieber Wants to Sue Everyone Who Published His DickHe’s not wrong.
  11. candy
    Amy Schumer Came Up With Even More Insults for That Guy’s Big Dick“Did your dick get stung by 90 bees?”
  12. penises
    How Ilana Glazer Reacts to Seeing a Penis With Two Holes“That’s a great penis.”
  13. Top Female TV Producers Discuss the Funniness Potential of Penises and […]Deadline gathered Jessika Borsiczky (House of Lies), Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory), Elizabeth Meriwether (New Girl), and Emily Spivey (Up All […]
  14. michael fassbender
    Watch Michael Fassbender Recognize Famous PenisesJack of all penises, master of none. Or something.
  15. quote machine
    Lil Wayne Speculates on Brett Favre’s AgePlus: Will the ‘Survivor’ incident mean more flapping penises?