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  1. reality check
    A Complete Guide to Who’s Still Together From Netflix’s Dating ShowsBecause the Netflix Cinematic Universe keeps growing.
  2. chat room
    Ines Tazi Got Her Happy Ending on Perfect Match“I believe empowerment and vulnerability come hand in hand,” she says. “And it was really empowering to be like, ‘This is not working for me.’”
  3. dream casting
    Who Should Appear in Perfect Match Season Two?We have some (very good) suggestions.
  4. chat room
    Perfect Match Winner Dom Gabriel Had Zero Strategy“Watching it back, there was a lot of plotting and scheming going on that I wasn’t aware of. You saw me: I was having Nerf-gun fights.”
  5. vulture lists
    The Most Complicated Swimsuits on Perfect Match, RankedWe just want to dive into a pool without having to hold onto our bottoms. The women of Perfect Match seem to have different priorities.
  6. overnights
    Perfect Match Season-Finale Recap: Love It or Leave ItPerfect Match puts the couples through as much chaos as humanly possible in the final episodes.
  7. overnights
    Perfect Match Recap: Love Is BlindsidedWhy are these men on Perfect Match if they’re afraid of committing to a relationship? Go on a different show!
  8. overnights
    Perfect Match Series-Premiere RecapNetflix’s latest dating competition is part Bachelor in Paradise, part Love Island, and all chaos.
  9. trailer mix
    Perfect Match Is Squid Game for DatingNetflix’s most famous singles will take matters into their own hands February 14.