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Perfect Strangers

  1. obits
    Dale McRaven, Mork & Mindy and Perfect Strangers Creator, DiesThe star-making producer was 83.
  2. reboots
    Robin Thede and London Hughes Are the ‘Perfect Strangers’ for HBO MaxTaking you from Mypos to Fort Greene.
  3. movie review
    Perfect Strangers Is a Comedy About Cell Phone Secrets That Mostly WorksAt a dinner party for old friends, the guests decide on a dumb whim to place their cell phones on the table and share every text or call.
  4. Coming to Hulu: TGIF Series ‘Perfect Strangers,’ ‘Family Matters,’ […]Hulu is stepping up its game in the nostalgic comedy series department. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming network has acquired […]
  5. Damon Lindelof Explains That Bizarre Leftovers Meets Perfect Strangers EpisodeMark Linn-Baker, a.k.a. “Cousin Larry,” was totally game for the absurdity.
  6. close reads
    Why The Leftovers’ Pop-Culture References Are So GoodUltimately, they underline the central question of the series.
  7. chat room
    Mark Linn-Baker on His Grand Leftovers Return“It was a great opportunity for me to do something unexpected.”
  8. don’t be ridiculous
    The Leftovers Raptured Balki and Cousin LarryRaptured? Don’t be ridiculous.
  9. history lesson
    What Was It Like to Be a Writer on a TGIF Family Sitcom?Tales from the family-comedy trenches from veterans of Perfect Strangers, Full House, Step by Step, and other shows that got big ratings but critical sneers.
  10. sitcom smackdown
    Comedy Undercard: Perfect Strangers vs. Dharma & GregBattle of the odd couples!
  11. perfect strangers
    Play a Perfect Strangers Video GameIf only this were made for the Wii …
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    Bronson Pinchot Elaborates on Denzel’s UnpleasantnessThe beef that just keeps on giving.
  13. perfect strangers
    Balki Puts Tom Cruise on BlastIn a pretty entertaining new interview, Pinchot calls out Tom Cruise for homophobic comments he made on the set of ‘Risky Business.’