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    The 50 Most Definitive Performances in Wes Anderson’s FilmsIncluding voice performances and narrators but excluding Mordecai the falcon.
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    Who Can Top Rachel Weisz?She’s giving the greatest performance of her career in Dead Ringers, proving Rachel Weisz’s ideal scene partner is Rachel Weisz.
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    The Self-possession of Angela BassettShe has an unmatched ability to portray the interior complications and cultural reverberations of Black women’s anger — onscreen and off.
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    Paul Mescal Is Our Disappointment HeartthrobOther heartthrobs exude swagger or sex, but Mescal emanates something more devastating: the irresistible promise of eventually letting you down.
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    It Was the Would-Be Year of Jon Bernthal on TVIn his most active TV year, Bernthal did the work, whether or not people were watching.
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    ‘It’s Unbelievably Difficult to Act Brilliantly’Jeremy Strong and his director James Gray took risks and made a mess to find Armageddon Time.
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    What Was Brangelina?The couple were always known for their image-making savvy. Now, as their divorce reenters the press cycle, we’re reminded of who’s better at it.
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    Ben Affleck Plays HimselfBecoming a tabloid star gave the actor his best role ever.
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    Erika Jayne and the Runaway NarrativeWhatever sympathy the embattled Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star might have built is buckling under the expectations of being a Housewife.