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Period Pieces

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    Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga Have a Past in Rebecca Hall’s Passing TrailerRebecca Hall’s directorial debut will stream on Netflix November 10.
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    The Queen’s Gambit Is the Forrest Gump of ChessIt knocks you out with its lush costume design and production, while its beautiful white heroine slips unscathed past the roiling traumas of the era.
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    I Am Agog at the Stunning Re-creation of 1819 Massacre in the Peterloo TrailerDown with the Corn Laws!
  4. ‘The Great Philouza": A Masterpiece of Old-Timey Comedy“I’m going to the general store! For a phosphate!” The fact that these quaint-sounding words are shouted in anger by David Cross is just one of […]
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    The Downton Abbey Cast Can’t Wear Modern Underwear AnymoreBecause of “Bottlegate.”