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Perry Farrell

  1. tributes
    Lauper, Stipe, Chewbacca Shine at Bowie Tribute“Whether [David Bowie] is here in this room, he is most definitely here in this room.”
  2. gagapalooza
    Lady Gaga’s Lollapalooza Set Reportedly to Cost $150,000Special set is being custom made for the pop star.
  3. injuries
    Perry Farrell Is Getting OldHe tore his calf muscle during a concert in Atlanta last night.
  4. beef
    The Jane’s Addiction Reunion Has Already Devolved Into Bitter FeudingWhen Trent Reznor is the guy doing your intervention, you know you’ve got some serious problems.
  5. quote machine
    Emma Watson: She’s Just Like Us!Plus: Perry Farrell builds the anticipation for the Siegfried & Roy reunion show.
  6. right-click
    Perry Farrell Is Out for BloodPlus: Rivers Cuomo!
  7. news reel
    Exclusive: Perry Farrell to Write Song for the ‘Twilight’ Movie, Possibly Reunite Jane’s AddictionFarrell is writing a track tentatively called ‘Going All The Way (Into the Twilight)’ for the film adaptation of the teen-vampire books.
  8. the early-evening news
    Perry Farrell Writes Theme Song for ESPN — No, We Don’t Know WhyTrent Reznor, Karl Rove, and more!
  9. quote machine
    Perry Farrell Picks Off Hair-Metal Guys One by One