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Pete Campbell

  1. truth in advertising
    Pete Campbell Is Your New Colonel SandersJim Gaffigan’s natural successor.
  2. mad men series finale
    Watch Peggy and Pete’s Last Scene Together“A thing like that.”
  3. everything you need to know
    43 Things You Learn About Vincent Kartheiser by Hanging Out With Him33. “Generally, I think people make the right choice in not hiring me.”
  4. the vulture transcript
    Talking to Matthew Weiner About Pete CampbellJada Yuan gets the Mad Men showrunner on the phone for an extended conversation.
  5. tv
    Vincent Kartheiser on Mad Men’s Final Season“It’s really the only emotion I can do.”
  6. Watch a Supercut of Pete Campbell, Mad Men Ranter ExtraordinaireIf you’re in the mood for some abuse.
  7. gifcap
    Mad Men Season Finale GIFs: ‘Not Great, Bob!’But seriously, Bob Benson carves a turkey. Perfectly.
  8. gif-caps
    This Week’s Mad Men GIFs: Bob Benson Nudges a Knee and Roger JugglesSmall gestures reveal big things.
  9. gifcap
    This Week’s Mad Men GIF: Roger’s Poor Balls That had to hurt.
  10. down he goes
    This Week’s Mad Men in One GIF: Angry Pete Falls Down the StairsA little physical comedy never hurt anyone. Except maybe Vincent Kartheiser.
  11. hairdos
    A Season-by-Season Tracking of Pete’s Receding Hairline on Mad MenAlso, Pete wears a lot of blue suits and striped ties.
  12. mad men
    Watch Video of Pete Campbell Getting Pummeled, Set to Imogen HeapRejoice, O.C. fans!
  13. tv
    There Is Now a Blog Dedicated to ‘Pete Campbell’s Bitchface’Hot on the heels of Sad Don Draper.
  14. chat room
    Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser on Pete’s FutureKartheiser chatted with us about being recognized on the bus and the recent firing of ‘Mad Men’ writer Kater Gordon.
  15. mad men
    Vincent Kartheiser Has Some Unique Methods With Which He Gets Into Character on Mad Men“I wish I could be anyone on earth but me!”
  16. mad men
    Pete Campbell: Annoying in Real Life, Too?He’s one of those people who claims not to own a TV.