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Peter Facinelli

  1. renewals
    Nurse Jackie Renewed for 7th SeasonWhee.
  2. How Did Peter Facinelli Feel About Breaking Dawn’s Big Twist?Spoilers ahead.
  3. vulture lists
    The Cast of Twilight on the End of TwilightIt’s bittersweet. We get it.
  4. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Peter Facinelli and More at a Screening of Breaking DawnWho fell asleep during the movie?
  5. twilight
    Can’t Twilight Spring for Better Cullen Wigs?Because they need one.
  6. quote machine
    Larry David: So ModestPlus: James Franco to play 100 gays.
  7. quote machine
    Tom Selleck Carelessly Reveals Huge Three Men and a Baby 3 SpoilersPlus: Peter Falcinelli a disappointment to daughter.
  8. twitter
    Nurse Jackie Character Will Post Tweets in Real Time“We want the story to … become ubiquitous with your life,” Showtime senior VP says.
  9. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Lopez, Foxx, WillisPlus: Tisdale graduates to college in new TV role.
  10. party chat
    Peter Facinelli Is Buffing Up for EclipsePeter Facinelli: “One time, I was in my apartment and I was going down to do my workout, and the elevator doors opened and Kellan Lutz was doing push-ups.”
  11. the industry
    Kenneth Branagh and January Jones Rock the BoatPlus: Van Wilder meets Wolverine!