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Petzel Gallery

  1. art
    Dana Schutz Takes Back Her Painterly NameHer canvasses are hyper-assertive, full of operatic grandeur, self-mocking turbulence, disfigured hideousness and the psychopathology of her figures.
  2. art
    The Artwork That Jerry Saltz Can’t Stop Thinking AboutGlenn Ligon’s conceptualist text piece is neither protest nor poetry.
  3. seeing out loud
    Seeing Out Loud: Jerry Saltz on Wade Guyton at Petzel GalleryHe’s “located between painting and printmaking, a computer and a printer, and dependent on the transmission of pure information.”
  4. seeing out loud
    Seeing Out Loud: Saltz on Thomas Eggerer at Petzel Gallery“All the paintings are pointlessly big, physically unoriginal, and aimlessly narrative.”