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Philip K Dick

  1. movie review
    A Glitch in the Matrix Is a Riveting Look at Whether Our World Is a SimulationBut it’s really about just how utterly weird life is.
  2. new york comic con 2018
    The Best Philip K. Dick Adaptations, According to His Daughter Isa Dick HackettIncluding Blade Runner, of course.
  3. adaptations
    How Electric Dreams Compares to Philip K. Dick’s Short StoriesA look at what changed and what was left intact in Amazon’s Electric Dreams anthology series.
  4. vulture lists
    Every Episode of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, RankedIf you only watch one episode of Electric Dreams, pick “The Commuter.”
  5. Is Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams the New Black Mirror?We’re slipping into the twilight zone.
  6. What’s New on Amazon Prime: January 2018Wonderstruck, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, A Ghost Story, and more.
  7. Amazon Gets Its Own Sci-Fi Anthology Show With Philip K. Dick’s Electric DreamsThe series includes ten stand-alone episodes.
  8. Which Cut of Blade Runner Should I Be Watching?Ahead of Blade Runner 2049’s release, we break down the six different versions of Ridley Scott’s classic.
  9. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Did Philip K. Dick Dream of Downtown Theater?It’s damned hard to resist deploying a “Blade Re-Runner” pun
  10. reboots
    Total Recall Gets RecalledLen Wiseman will direct the remake.
  11. trailer mix
    The Adjustment Bureau Trailer: Fedoras for EveryoneOr at least Matt Damon and John Slattery.
  12. the industry
    Matt Damon to Possibly Fall in Love With RobotPlus: Yogi Bear’s back.
  13. the take
    Philip K. Dick’s Early Novels: The Sixties, Before They HappenedYou can’t appreciate how trippy Philip K. Dick’s novels became until you read how square they once were.