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  1. Reality As You Know It Destroyed by Leo DiCaprio’s Photoshopped ChinWhat else have they been keeping from you?
  2. 6 Pictures of Caesar From Planet of the Apes With a Caesar HaircutThis post features famous computer ape Caesar with the ’90s haircut known as the Caesar. Pretty self-explanatory, really.
  3. vulture originals
    9 Posters That Prove Rogue One’s K-2SO Is a StarYou’ve see The Sopranos, but what about The K-2SOpranos?
  4. Upcoming Obstacle Races, by Alex PearsonMark your calendars, runners. Don’t miss out on the newest, most challenging, and inventive races yet. The Urban Obstacler: Running eight […]
  5. You Probably Want to See The Onion’s Depiction of John Boehner in LingerieThank you, Onion photo department, for this masterpiece: “Lingerie-Wearing Boehner: ‘We Still Have A Very Pretty Speaker Of The House’”
  6. tv
    See a Gallery of 25 Amazing Conan O’Brien PhotoshopsPeople love to make pictures of Coco.