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  1. extremely online
    Soap2day, Humanitarian, Dead at 5The public service website has abruptly shut down this week.
  2. piracy
    Taika Waititi Is Developing a Comedy Series About a Fancy PirateIt’s loosely based on “the Gentleman Pirate,” Stede Bonnet.
  3. ip theft
    Tom Cruise Bootlegged 3 Seconds of TenetFrom a movie theater!
  4. deadpool
    Deadpool Was Movie Pirates’ Favorite Booty to Illegally Download in 2016Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War came in second and third.
  5. pulling out
    Fox Reportedly Pulling Out of Hall H Panels at San Diego Comic-ConDue to piracy fears.
  6. piracy
    Could Pirates Have Killed Hannibal? (No, Not Real Pirates.)Hannibal was downloaded 2.1 million times per episode.
  7. piracy
    2014’s Interstellar Is 2015’s Most Pirated MovieMURPH!
  8. shame
    Game of Thrones Is TV’s Most Pirated Show for the 4th Year in a RowShame! Shame! Shame!
  9. global broadcasts
    Game of Thrones to Air in 170 Countries at OnceEvery episode of season five will air simultaneously around the world.
  10. piracy
    Game of Thrones Named Most Pirated TV Show of 2014Followed (not so closely), in number of downloads, by The Walking Dead.
  11. piracy
    Game of Thrones Was This Spring’s Most Pirated ShowThe Big Bang Theory didn’t even come close.
  12. stealing on the internet
    And the Most-Stolen Films of 2011 Are…Fast Five and The Hangover Part II were illegally downloaded a lot; Twilight and Transformers weren’t.
  13. Does Louis C.K.’s Large Profit Actually Mean That Fewer People Are […]Here’s an interesting argument that Louis C.K.’s $5 experiment didn’t solve the problem of internet piracy once and for all. It points out that […]
  14. piracy
    And the Most Pirated Movies of the Year Are …Take a guess, folks.
  15. piracy
    Homeland Security Cracks Down on Torrent SitesThe Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement shut down a number of popular file-sharing sites over the holiday weekend.
  16. piracy
    U.S. Government Gets Serious About PiracyBiden: “To state it very bluntly, piracy hurts.”
  17. piracy
    When Will the MPAA Have Ashton Kutcher Thrown in Prison?He’s a pirate.
  18. piracy
    The Hurt Locker vs. Pirates
  19. uho
    Jennifer Lopez’s Back-Up Plan Leaks Online Before Its Due DateNow here is something we bet Jennifer Lopez does not have a backup plan for!
  20. arrrr!
    Our Application for the Warner Bros.’ New ‘Anti-Piracy Intern’ Position“Now I’ve got the chance to be Neo and Mr. Smith at the same time!”
  21. Movie Industry Sues Pirates With Crappy TasteAs if it weren’t embarrassing enough to be caught downloading a Uwe Boll movie.
  22. piracy
    Piracy Spy WantedThe London branch of Warner Bros. Entertainment is looking for a student to spy on file-sharers.
  23. piracy
    Why Is Nobody Pirating This Year’s Oscar Movies?Why have so few awards movies leaked online?
  24. piracy
    Pirates Loved Star Trek in 2009It must have been the giant ships.
  25. piracy
    Wolverine Pirate Pinched in the BronxNo, it wasn’t Roger Friedman.
  26. piracy
    Lily Allen to End Music PiracyWith a new blog!
  27. piracy
    Mininova in Trouble, Sort OfBad news for people who foolishly believe in the efficacy of judges’ orders to remove copyright-infringing material from the Internet!
  28. piracy
    Roger Friedman’s Fox Lawsuit Fails to Live Up to Prerelease HypeIt barely mentions Scientology.
  29. piracy
    The Pirate Bay Sells Out, Goes LegitThe BitTorrent site has been sold to a Swedish software company for the measly sum of 60 million Swedish kronar ($7.7 million).
  30. pirates
    Blogger Escapes Movie-Piracy Arrest Thanks to Star of The HangoverIf you’re going to attempt to pirate a movie, you’d better be best friends with one of the film’s stars!
  31. piracy
    Hollywood Reporter Hires PirateYarrrr! Roger Friedman got a new job.
  32. piracy
    Leaked Version of Wolverine a Hit, Too!Fox yesterday upped its estimate for the number of people it claims downloaded the leaked version of ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ from 1 million to 4 million.
  33. piracy
    Liev Schreiber Still Not Sure How to Use BitTorrentLiev Schreiber did not download ‘Wolverine.’
  34. idiocy
    Warner Music Picks Second-Dumbest Fight EverWarner has issued a YouTube takedown notice for a video presentation by first-amendment icon Lawrence Lessig, the web’s most prominent defender of fair use.
  35. piracy
    Pirates Fight BackThe Pirate Bay guys demand a retrial.
  36. piracy
    The Pirate Bay Found Guilty — of Piracy!A Swedish court today found four people behind the popular BitTorrent hub the Pirate Bay guilty of violating copyright law.
  37. piracy
    Did the Leak Save Wolverine’s Word of Mouth?If ‘Wolverine’ bombs, Fox certainly can’t blame it on negative publicity.
  38. piracy
    Roger Friedman Officially Canned for Wolverine ReviewSays Fox News: “Fox News representatives and Roger Friedman met today and mutually agreed to part ways immediately.”
  39. piracy
    Roger Friedman in Trouble for Reviewing Wolverine, ‘Promoting Piracy’Things that will get you fired from the company that made ‘Wolverine’: downloading and reviewing a leaked copy of Fox’s ‘Wolverine.’
  40. piracy
    The Pirate Bay Has Added You As a Friend on FacebookYou can now share torrents on Facebook, apparently.
  41. piracy
    Pirates No Fans of Anne Hathaway’Rachel Getting Married’ is the only 2008 Oscar movie that hasn’t leaked to the internet.
  42. piracy
    Oscar Movies Get an Unscheduled Wide Release on File-Sharing NetworksSo, you didn’t make it to a movie theater to see any of this season’s critically acclaimed, awards-grabbing films over the holidays?
  43. piracy
    Online Pirates Trading Oscar ScreenersWant to feel like a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? Have loose morals, a broadband connection, and lots of hard-drive space?
  44. piracy
    Lars Ulrich Unloads a BasquiatWe hope you’re proud of yourselves, music pirates.
  45. cute overload
    Anti-Piracy Group Gently Reminds You to Use Internet for Good Instead of EvilCorporate giants have kindly united in an effort to show us all how to actually pay for stuff online.
  46. apropos of nothing
    Bootleggers Create Sweded Version of ‘Be Kind Rewind’A group of surrealist bootleggers have shot their own low-budget version of Be Kind Rewind — likely by sneaking a camcorder into a theater — and made it for sale on Canal Street.
  47. the early-evening news
    Michael Jackson Finds a Way to Make the Grammys Even More UnbearablePlus: Aziz Ansari!
  48. apropos of nothing
    Bootleg Version of ‘Cloverfield’ Looks Pretty Much As Good As Real OneThanks to an anonymous criminal cinematographer, whose hand is infinitely steadier than the movie’s real cameraman, we actually find this a little more watchable than the real thing.
  49. apropos of nothing
    Shock: Record Labels to Dump More EmployeesHow’s the music business doing these days? Glad you asked! Last night it was announced (thankfully not by Billy Bush) that EMI, the music group responsible for Coldplay, is thinning its ranks by 2,000 employees worldwide in a restructuring plan expected to be unveiled tomorrow.
  50. apropos of nothing
    The Entertainment Business’ War on Piracy Is Practically WonGreat news for content owners everywhere today as the Wall Street Journal reports that prosecutors are close to filing charges against the operators of Swedish BitTorrent hub the Pirate Bay with conspiracy to breach copyrights.
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