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    People Are Dunking on Adult Swim’s Call for Free TV Show Pitches“Anyone who answers this is a sucker.”
  2. weed news
    Could Mike Tyson Interest You in a TV Series About His Marijuana Farm?The former boxer would reportedly star in the scripted comedy, currently named Rolling With The Punches.
  3. pitches
    Ryan Murphy Wants to Make a #MeToo-Inspired Anthology ShowIn a profile, Murphy describes a pitch for a show called Consent.
  4. pitches
    Donald Trump Once Pitched a TV Show That Would Be Like Dynasty, But About ModelsThe Tower would be about models living in a skyscraper.
  5. pitches
    Ten Olympians Who Deserve Their Own BiopicU-S-A!
  6. party chat
    Jon Glaser Pitches His New Show Idea: Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter“He wears Coors Light pants because they call Coors Light the silver bullet.”
  7. pitches
    Five Possible Conclusions to Tarantino’s Tragedy TrilogyWhich atrocity will he tackle next?
  8. pitches
    Let Arnold Schwarzenegger Explain the Twins Sequel to You“That’s real entertainment.”
  9. pitches
    Segel: HIMYM Should End in ApocalypseOr the mother would be dead.