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  1. the industry
    Hot Damn: Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson Sued Yet Again Over ‘Uptown Funk’ CopyrightCall the police and the fireman.
  2. lawsuits
    Ariana Grande Joins the Super-Popular Being-Sued-for-Copyright-Infringement ClubStealing music is all the rage these days.
  3. HBO’s New Ad Is Strikingly Similar to a Comedy-Award-Nominated BriTANick […] HBO’s got some new ads out touting its HBO Go service, and the one above in particular seems to feature a familiar conceit. That’s because […]
  4. No, Jimmy Kimmel Did Not Steal a Video From Funny or Die“Did Jimmy Kimmel Steal A Video From Funny Or Die?” Answer: no. People coming up with the most obvious joke imaginable really have no right to […]