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  1. media
    Playboy Is Shutting Down the Print MagazineThey will be all-digital for the remainder of 2020.
  2. playboy
    Dolly Parton Would Like to Pose for Playboy Again When She’s 75So we have to wait a year?!
  3. Playboy Puts Brett Ratner Hugh Hefner Movie on Hold in Wake of AllegationsAdditionally, Jared Leto’s representatives claim he was never involved in the film.
  4. remembering an icon
    Larry King, Paris Hilton, and Other Celebrities Mourn the Death of Hugh HefnerThe Playboy founder died on Wednesday. He was 91.
  5. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for American Playboy, Amazon’s Hugh Hefner Tell-All DocuseriesHow America’s favorite soft-core purveyor came to fill his smoking jacket.
  6. the industry
    Amazon Will Release Hugh Hefner Docuseries American PlayboyAmerican Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story will draw from Hefner’s own archives.
  7. harry potter
    Daniel Radcliffe Opens Up About Drinking Problem“Anytime I’d go out to dance, camera phones would come out.”
  8. mea culpas
    Gary Oldman Apologizes for Anti-Semitic RemarksIn a statement addressed to the ADL.
  9. vulture lists
    Men Saying Dumb Things in Playboy Interviews: A HistorySean Connery on hitting women, John Wayne on gays, Colin Farrell on heroin.
  10. interviews
    Gary Oldman Defends Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson, Slams ‘Political Correctness’In a Playboy interview.
  11. awkward admissions
    Yes, Idris Elba Has Done Drugs“I’m not gonna lie — I’ve tried everything,” he tells Playboy.
  12. francophile
    James Franco Adds Playboy Columnist to RésuméBusy, busy.
  13. lindsay lohan playboy
    TMZ Says Lohan’s Playboy Issue Selling Like Hotcakes, Fox News DisagreesSo is it or isn’t it?
  14. Lindsay Lohan Playboy Issue to Be Released EarlyNo point waiting now that the photos have been leaked.
  15. lindsay lohan
    See Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy CoverThere’s straddling involved.
  16. train wreck
    Lindsay Lohan Crashes J. Edgar PartyAfter Playboy shoot and days before heading back to jail.
  17. celeb weddings
    Gene Simmons Gets Married … for His Reality-TV ShowNow it makes sense.
  18. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Kimberly Peirce Goes GangstaPlus: Maria Bello gets cast in the adaptation of ‘Prime Suspect.’
  19. clickables
    See an Old Photo of Christina Hendricks in PlayboyShe’s wearing clothes, but not many.
  20. pickup lines
    NBC Orders a Pilot About Playboy BunniesBut ones in the sixties, so, you know, classy. Like ‘Mad Men’
  21. clickables
    Watch Playboy’s New Show About Bickering, Sexed-Up Brooklyn CouplesThe channel’s new docu-series ‘Brooklyn Kinda Love’ is part of its initiative to win over women.
  22. clickables
    See the Extremely Nerdy Tron-Inspired Playboy PhotosNSFW, of course.
  23. bryan batt
    Bryan Batt Teams Up With PlayboyEat your heart out, Weiner!
  24. revelations
    Cartoon Nudity As Weird As You’d ExpectMarge Simpson takes it off.
  25. honoring the dead
    First Review: Unfinished Nabokov Novella Sort of a MessThe first review is in! “It would be a mistake for readers to come to this expecting anything resembling a novel.”
  26. honoring the dead
    If Anyone Asks, You Read Playboy for the Unfinished Posthumous Novellas’Playboy’ has paid an outrageous sum of money for the serial rights to Vladmir Nabokov’s final, unfinished novella, for some inexplicable reason.
  27. high times
    If You’ve Got the Money, HoneyWelcome to the financial jungle, you’re gonna invessssst!
  28. apropos of nothing
    ‘Playboy’ Puts ‘Mad Men’ Cast in Most Irony-Free Photo Shoot EverOkay, not the photo of Bryan Batt. But the rest of them!
  29. countdown
    Denis Johnson Finally Gives Us a Reason to Buy ‘Playboy’This time we really will be reading it for the articles!
  30. ranters and ravers
    ‘Playboy’ Editor Calls Sasha Frere-Jones a RacistSasha-Frere Jones’s recent New Yorker piece “A Paler Shade of White: How Indie Rock Lost Its Soul” has inspired its biggest outrage yet!
  31. the industry
    Brett Ratner Finally Talks His Way Into the Playboy MansionRatner on Hef: Director Brett Ratner will direct Playboy, a biopic of Hugh Hefner, for Universal. Brian Grazer’s Imagine will produce, and John Hoffman is writing. Ratner’s first-ever visit to the Playboy Mansion last week convinced the aging Hef that the auteur behind Rush Hour was the man to tell the story of Playboy’s part in the cultural revolutions of the sixties. We just hope Ratner remembers to put boobs in it! [Variety]