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Police Squad

  1. A Lost Script from the Files of the ‘Police Squad!’Airplane! The Naked Gun. Kentucky Fried Movie. When it comes to the classics of modern comedy, Zucker, Abrahams & Zucker were kings. After […]
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    Nussbaum: Children’s Hospital Will Fill the Police Squad!–Size Hole in Your HeartThe spirit of the late Leslie Nielsen’s 1982 cult comedy lives on at Adult Swim.
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    Naked Gun’s Leslie Nielsen Dead at 84Sad things.
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    Eighties TV Update: ‘Equalizer,’ ‘Max Headroom,’ and ‘Sledge Squad!’ Could HappenWe got it from the mouths of various horses!
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    10 Shows From the 80s Ben Silverman Should ReviveAmerican Gladiators? Knight Rider? It’s the eighties all over again!