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    Trump Is One of the Worst Things Ever to Happen to ComedyThere may never have been a person joked about more than Donald Trump. But are these jokes good?
  2. Why Vic Berger Is the Perfect Satirist for the Trump EraTom Lehrer once said “I don’t want to satirize George [W.] Bush and his puppeteers, I want to vaporize them.” Perhaps even more than with Bush, […]
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    Kathy Griffin Reportedly Interviewed by Secret Service for More Than an HourThis appears to be getting a little excessive.
  4. A Supercut of Aziz Ansari’s Most Brilliantly Incisive Political Humor▶️ “You realize how much better the world would be if we all just treated each other the same way black dudes treat magicians?”
  5. Comedians as Activists in the Era of Trump In his 2012 book, Tortured Artists, Christopher Zara examines the mental anguish that has plagued some of the most revered artists in […]
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    16 Comedians on the Role of Comedy During a Trump AdministrationMaria Bamford, Eugene Mirman, Aparna Nancherla, and others weigh in.
  7. Vic Berger Looks Back on the Election and Forward Into His Future In a presidential election cycle that’s been anything but standard, gracious, or, well, sane, it makes sense that a Saturday Night Live cold […]
  8. Presenting ‘Mastergate,’ an October Comedy SurpriseI’ve seen countless posts across the Internet this year saying some variation of “2016 sucks for killing so many of our favorite celebrities.” […]
  9. Jimmy Fallon Is Just the Most Visible Representative of Comedy’s Trump […] This past Thursday, Jimmy Fallon interviewed Republican Presidential nominee and person-who-wants-to-ban-Muslims-from-entering-the-country […]
  10. Explaining the ‘Chapo Trap House’ Podcast to the Uninitiated If you’re as online as much as me, you’ve surely heard of the Chapo Trap House podcast. It’s the new big thing with politics/media people who […]
  11. Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. Invent Their Own Trumped-Up Olympic Games […]While the summer Olympics are heating up in Rio, The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. are busy monitoring their new favorite […]
  12. Connor Ratliff Is Running For President (Again) Four years ago, Splitsider covered the presidential campaign of Connor Ratliff, then a cast member on public access hit The Chris Gethard […]
  13. In 2016, George Carlin’s Political Nihilism Is Becoming the Only Sensible […] Sponsored by TodayTix – last minute theater and comedy tickets at the best prices right on your phone. It seemed a great injustice to me, […]
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    Teen Comic Mocks Trump on America’s Got TalentLori Mae Hernandez roasted the presumptive Republican nominee.
  15. How Donald Trump Has Made Political Satire Weaker When Donald Trump announced he was running for President a year ago (it feels like it’s been a decade at this point), the world of late-night […]
  16. Political Satire Is Thriving Without Jon Stewart (and We Should Thank Jon […] Last week, fans of political comedy were given a rare treat: a public appearance by Jon Stewart. Stewart appeared at a live taping of David […]
  17. I Am the President: The Rise and Fall of David Frye Most people, if asked to attempt a Richard Nixon impression, would do the same few basic things. They’d stoop their shoulders, furrow their […]
  18. The Surprisingly Weighty Songs of ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic“I did not enjoy silliness ever.” That was how Marc Maron described his own taste in comedy, even as a kid, when music parodist “Weird Al” […]
  19. Jon Stewart May Be Irreplaceable…and That’s Just FineIn a hallway adjacent to the Lawrence High School auditorium, you’ll find the Hall of Honor, a collection of plaques plastered to the wall […]
  20. Why Does Every ‘Conservative ‘Daily Show’’ Fail?Few would disagree that we’re in living in a golden age of political comedy – or at least that politics are more important to comedy today […]
  21. ‘The 1/2 Hour News Hour’: How Fox News’s ‘Daily Show’ Did to Comedy what […]The 2000 Presidential election was a mess. Far after the last ballots had been cast, miscounted chads hung throughout Florida, and America was […]
  22. Let Mr. Burns Explain the Fiscal Cliff to You This whole self-created fiscal cliff crisis is both complicated and simple at the same time: complicated in that it involves a whole slew of […]
  23. The Rope-Throwin’ Political Comedy of Will RogersThere has never been a comedian with as much political influence and esteem as Will Rogers. If Jon Stewart was one of the most popular movie […]
  24. Lefty Pranksters the Yes Men Turn to Kickstarter to Fund Their Next Movie The Yes Men, a group of prankster filmmakers who use stunts like fake press conferences in order to bring to light the shady dealings of big […]
  25. Fox’s Late-Night Animation Block, FoxADHD, Launches a Daily Video Site […] Fox’s new late-night animation block, FoxADHD, is getting closer to its July 2013 launch. There’s now a new site for it that’s debuting a new […]
  26. Seba Smith and the Birth of American Political SatireEver since George Washington laughed at himself while attending a farce by the “father” of American theatre William Dunlap, comedians have been […]
  27. The Chris Gethard Show’s Connor Ratliff Reflects on His Presidential […]As election season becomes election month, top contenders are focusing on tying up swing states and trying not to tank debates. Connor Ratliff, […]
  28. Lewis Black to Vent About Politics on BroadwayJust in time for the election this fall, Lewis Black is bringing his latest one-man show, Running on Empty, to Broadway. It’ll run at the […]
  29. The Least Alienating Political Comedian, Unless You’re the Current Italian […]Parma, Italy: the birthplace of Parmesan cheese and the modern Italian’s “Stalingrad.” For those of you non-history buffs, Stalingrad was a […]
  30. Who Is Christwire Really Mocking, Anyway?Personality-driven reporting has become the rule rather than the exception. On Fox News and MSNBC, breaking stories come with a built-in […]
  31. Joe Biden’s Feelings Are Hurt by ‘Veep’Poor VP Joe Biden and his lackeys aren’t fans of HBO’s new show Veep, which centers on a fictional version of his office. A staffer of his had […]
  32. ‘The Daily Show’ to Cover the Republican Convention from TampaThose poor souls at The Daily Show are doing what few sane New York liberals would dare to do: spend a week in Tampa at the Republican National […]
  33. Veep and the Absurdities of PowerWith the exception of Al Gore, the office of the Vice President has recently become a fertile ground for comedy, mostly because of the […]
  34. Get Your Own Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Pack for Only $99 Late last week, Stephen Colbert announced the next step in his march to Super PAC dominance: the Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Pack, a starter […]
  35. Ben Affleck Lends His Mug to a Political Comedy From the Writer of Crazy, […]…and it’ll be called Crazy, Stupid, Politics. Wait, that’s already a Bill Maher show. But politics are definitely getting a comedy boost in […]
  36. Samantha Bee Journeys to the Holy Land of the Park Slope Co-op Last night’s Daily Show saw a special report from Samantha Bee on the most pressing, dramatic theater of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: the […]
  37. Former Senator Arlen Specter Is Amazing at Standup ComedyMeet your new favorite standup comedian, former Pennsylvania senator Arlen Spector. He demolished New Talent Night at Caroline’s Comedy Club […]
  38. Following Colbert’s Lead and Fighting the Super PACsSo it’s as bad as we thought. When the Colbert Report first began highlighting the looming threat of Super PACs last year, the rest of the […]
  39. Louis C.K. May Get Political at the Congressional Correspondents’ DinnerLouis C.K. will continue his world takeover by performing at the 68th annual Radio & TV Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner in June (a totally […]
  40. Comedy Looks Beyond the Debt CeilingLast Friday morning NPR host Mary Louise Kelly wrapped up a segment on the debt ceiling debate by quoting the Onion headline “Congress […]
  41. Louis C.K. Regrets Palin Comments, Thinks ‘she’d really Hitler up the […]Based on Louis C.K.’s GQ interview for their August comedy issue, it’s clear he really, truly regrets making those awful/hilarious Sarah Palin […]
  42. Cynicism and Political ComedyHere’s an interview that Harry Jenkins did with Amber Day, author of Satire and Dissent: Interventions in Contemporary Political Debate. In her […]
  43. The Year Ahead in Political ComedyThe new year has just begun, but already political forces have been lining up that will define politics and political comedy for the next 51 […]