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  1. wes anderson
    Is This Actor in the MCU, the Wes Anderson CU, or Both?With Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City out on July 16, it’s important to know if you can differentiate between the MCU and the WesCU.
  2. pop quiz
    Which Movie News Is Just Stuff We Made Up?There are so many John Wicks and Spider-Verses. Can you tell the real from the fake?
  3. america’s dad
    Mandy Patinkin Can’t Name a Single Batman, Nor Should He Have To“God forgive me for not remembering your name! I remember your soul.
  4. pop quiz
    Chrissy Teigen Reminds You to Study Your Spouse, As There Will Be a Quiz LaterTo be fair, John Legend might not remember the answer to some of these John Legend questions.
  5. pop quiz
    Avengers Recognize Each Other by Their BicepsMark Ruffalo’s is very distinctive.
  6. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Whose Butts Have We Seen on Game of Thrones?Last Sunday’s episode was a very ass-heavy one. So whose butts have we seen up to this point, then?
  7. pop quiz
    Take Vulture’s Bond Villain QuizGuess the baddie.
  8. pop quiz
    Take Our Official Tim Burton Eye TestMore than one belongs to Johnny Depp, of course.
  9. pop quiz
    Who Said the Crazy Thing: Shia LaBeouf or Tom Hardy?Take our quiz!
  10. Quiz: Is This Person in Ice Age: Continental Drift?Everybody is in this movie. Everybody.
  11. pop quiz
    Pop Quiz: Can You Identify Crazy Conspiracy Theory Walls From Movies and TV? Test your knowledge of loony collages from Homeland to A Beautiful Mind to The Wire.
  12. clickables
    Take the Official Ron Swanson Manliness TestTom Haverford failed but is demanding a retest.
  13. clickables
    Take the New York Times Grunge QuizAnswer carefully, or else the paper of record will know you’re a poser.
  14. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Which Humanlike Ape Was That?’Did these moments happen in ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes,’ ‘Project Nim,’ or to Travis, the most famous ape in America?
  15. pop quiz
    Can You Tell Which of These Reality Shows Are Real?Now that there’s a show about wild-boar wranglers, what could possibly be left?
  16. pop quiz
    Can You Tell the Difference Between Nicolas Cage’s On- and Off-screen Crazy Talk?“Do you love her? Because if you don’t, I’ll kick your ass!” Movie, or New Orleans freak-out?