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  1. The Lost Roles of Howard SternYou saw him this past weekend in a Super Bowl commercial, mocking the heroes of the civil rights movement by turning a firehose on a guy […]
  2. Lonely (and Raunchy) at the Top: The Eleven R-Rated Comedies That Have […]The Hangover, Pt. II has grossed over $254 million since it was released on May 26, making it the third-highest grossing (domestic only) film […]
  3. Low Standards, Episode 2: Getting Pervy with Porky’s Here’s episode two of Splitsider’s new web series, Low Standards with John and Matt. In this episode, our hosts take a look at classic 80’s […]
  4. An Exhaustive Guide to Who’s Remaking Your Favorite ComediesThe past few years have seen an uptick in the number of big-screen remakes of Hollywood classics and non-classics, with the bulk of these films […]