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  1. say it aint so
    Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Are Having a Lil’ RockerShe surprised him during a Blink 182 concert with a very sweet tribute.
  2. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Body-Horror Ending of ResurrectionIts contracting ambiguity and literalness make for unexpected nightmare fuel.
  3. industry baby
    Lil Nas X Is Back From Maternity LeaveAnd another baby is already on the way.
  4. bbhmm
    Guess How Much Rihanna’s Pregnancy Photos CostThe Price Is RiRight.
  5. scarjost
    America’s Royal Family Is Having a BabyBaby ScarJost is nigh.
  6. pregnancy
    Cardi B Is Pregnant With Her Second ChildAnd she once again revealed it during a live performance, at the 2021 BET Awards.
  7. extremely online
    Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes Are Expecting a Baby YouTube RoyalHow soon is too soon for a Zoella Jr. line of baby makeup?
  8. celebrity
    Halsey Announces She’s Pregnant: ‘Surprise!’The 26-year-old is expecting her first child with Alev Aydin after suffering multiple miscarriages over the years.
  9. jaguar jr.
    Victoria Monét Is Pregnant With Her First Child and the Announcement Is Art“Hold my pinky with the grip of your little fingers until we can hold hands and walk through this world together rain or shine. You’re forever mine.”
  10. good for her!
    Mandy Moore Is Pregnant and Still Filming This Is Us Sex ScenesShe’s expecting a boy with husband Taylor Goldsmith.
  11. aquamarine
    Surprise, Bitch, Emma Roberts Is PregnantWith her and boyfriend Garrett Hedlund’s first child.
  12. wild speculation
    Is Grimes Pregnant With Elon Musk’s Baby?Baby Grimes doo doo doo doo
  13. the big bang child
    Big Bang Theory’s Showrunners Say They ‘Honored’ Penny By Making Her Pregnant“I wanted to know that they were ending in a happy place.”
  14. music
    Lady Gaga Announces She’s Pregnant With an AlbumWe have so many questions.
  15. on comedy
    Amy Schumer Forced to Cancel Comedy Tour Due to Ongoing Pregnancy Complications“I hate letting people down and I love stand-up and money!”
  16. old hollywood
    Where Were All the Pregnant Women in Classic Movies?In Old Hollywood movies, thanks to a conservative, male-generated Production Code, having a baby was an exercise in innuendo.
  17. lawsuits
    Drake Files Lawsuit Against Woman Who Allegedly Lied About Pregnancy and RapeThe rapper claims the woman tried to extort him.
  18. last night on late night
    Kim Kardashian Drinks Sardines Instead of Addressing Sisters’ Pregnancy RumorsShe also revealed that Kanye falls asleep a lot.
  19. ciara
    Pregnant Ciara Thankful for ‘Gods Grace and Amniotic Fluid’ After Car CrashShe’s recovering well.
  20. close reads
    The Pregnancy Plot: How TV Shows Use Motherhood to Force Characters to Grow UpIt’s been a beloved device for working women on television going back to Murphy Brown.
  21. awards season
    Natalie Portman Skipping Oscars Due to PregnancyUnwind and get some rest, Nat.
  22. optical illusions
    Katherine Heigl Will Hide Behind Inanimate Objects on Her New CBS SeriesWhy? Oh, certainly not because she’s pregnant …
  23. joke writing
    Appreciating Ali Wong’s Powerful Pregnancy Joke in Baby CobraFor decades, a disproportionate number of male comics have been getting rich on being-a-parent jokes.
  24. backstories
    How 10 Shows Hid Their Stars’ Real-life PregnanciesCGI, spa getaways, and lots of coats.
  25. chat room
    On Lyonne and Sevigny’s ‘Weirdo’ Pregnancy Movie“I have no interest in having a child move through my organs. I don’t know how people do it.”
  26. let the speculation begin
    Is Beyoncé Pregnancy-Baiting Us on Instagram?The writing’s in the sand.
  27. book excerpt
    Amy Poehler on Taping SNL While PregnantIt’s like wearing a sombrero, apparently.
  28. babies r us
    Mad Men Is the Most Anti-Pregnancy Show EverWant to have a baby? Ha-ha, oh God no, of course you don’t.
  29. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jessica Simpson Slip-Up: It’s a BoyPlus: Matthew Fox severely dislikes One Direction, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  30. How Many Errors Can You Spot in This Celebrity Pregnancy Infographic?Baby bump madness may cause delusion.
  31. hilary duff
    See Hilary Duff’s Very Pregnant, Very Christmas-y BellyHilary one-ups crazy, pregnant Mariah with the peace sign.
  32. last night’s gig
    Lauryn Hill Performs Less Than a Week After Giving BirthShe might be batty, but Ms. Hill’s a trooper.
  33. Jenna Fischer on Hiding Her Pregnancy Around The Office Before she was comfortable letting her fellow Dunder-Mifflin coworkers know about the bun in her oven, Jenna Fischer hid her pregnancy by […]
  34. pregnancy
    January Jones is PregnantAnd expecting in the fall.
  35. Tina Fey Confirms Pregnancy; Vomit On Jacket Will Be Almost Certainly Not […]Once Tina was trapped in a world of wet wipes and rectal thermometers. Then the babies came and life changed. Last night People confirmed that […]
  36. tina fey
    Tina Fey Is Pregnant!Babies, babies everywhere!
  37. clickables
    See a Very Pregnant, Naked Mariah Carey on the Cover of Life & StyleShe pulled a Demi.