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Princess Leia

  1. star wars
    What We Lost by Not Having Carrie Fisher in The Rise of SkywalkerThis was supposed to be Princess Leia’s movie. The fact that it couldn’t be is heartbreaking.
  2. star wars: the last jedi
    Rian Johnson Explains the Precedent for That Luke Twist in The Last JediHe also has an explanation for that thing that happened with Leia.
  3. what would carrie fisher do?
    Feign Surprise When We Say Carrie Fisher Wrote The Last Jedi’s Funniest LinesNow, which ones were they?
  4. protests
    Protesters Channel Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher at Women’s MarchTaking cues from a rebel icon.
  5. legacies
    Should Princess Leia Be Crowned a Disney Princess?One petition-making father of five girls thinks so.
  6. 5 Moments That Defined Princess Leia, Sci-Fi BadassLet’s relive some of the legendary moments from Carrie Fisher’s iconic role.
  7. r.i.p.
    Carrie Fisher Told Bantha Joke for SNL MonologueCarrie Fisher dressed as Princess Leia when she hosted SNL in 1978.
  8. advice columns
    Carrie Fisher Is Getting an Advice ColumnHer first byline, “advice from the dark side,” appeared this morning.
  9. cannes 2016
    15 DGAF Things Carrie Fisher Said at Cannes“I thought there should be a scene of me wearing Leia’s hair buns, just walking by a window looking moody and reading Shakespeare’s sonnets.”
  10. star wars
    All Hail Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars Press TourHelp us, Carrie, you’re our only hope.
  11. star wars
    Princess Leia Has a New TitleYou’ve been using Alderaan words to describe her.
  12. fun with gifs
    Jesse Pulled a Princess Leia in the Breaking Bad Finale [GIF]The only thing missing was Jesse in a slave-girl outfit.
  13. star wars episode 7
    Watch Disney Princesses Welcome Princess LeiaNo boys allowed!
  14. movies
    The Princess Leia Bikini Car Wash Looks Like FunSlave Leias will clean your car, for charity.