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  1. backstories
    ‘Every Movie Is a Coming-of-Age Movie’: A Conversation About My Father’s DragonThe screenwriter and director of Cartoon Saloon’s latest, My Father’s Dragon, break down three pivotal scenes.
  2. on location
    The Best New York Is Your New YorkIn bringing Fleishman Is in Trouble’s 2016 city to 2022 screens, I discovered how to avoid the nostalgia trap.
  3. 80s nostalgia
    Dark Tower’s RedemptionHow a legendary board-game failure became a thoroughly modern hit.
  4. vulture festival la 2017
    The Stories Behind 5 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs (Including ‘Getting Bi’)Plus, the songs the cast auditioned with.
  5. Sampha’s Haunting Album Process Is Grief Writ Large, and BeautifullyThe artist’s first solo record is haunted by realities of loss and mortality. There’s no neat resolution to the personal unrest coursing through it.
  6. process
    The Backstory on La La Land’s Tricky Party SceneThe writer-director and star take us through an intricate sequence that climaxes with a showstopping poolside dance extravaganza.
  7. process
    Iggy Pop Annotates Lyrics From His New Album“What you’re seeing is my mad scribble.”
  8. David Rees on the Similar Constraints of Cartooning and Pencil SharpeningDavid Rees is an unusual sort of humorist, as he is best known for Get Your War On (check out some below), a satirical cartoon about the War on […]