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  1. profanity!
    Sam Rockwell Joins the Prestigious ‘Drops F-Bomb on SNL’ ClubBeing a science teacher would do that to a man.
  2. profanity
    David Ayer Yells ‘F**k Marvel,’ Regrets It“Respect for my brother filmmakers.”
  3. huh?
    50 Cent Arrested for Profanity in the CaribbeanFollowing a performance in St. Kitts.
  4. More Shocking Things Modern Family Could Make Lily Do Than Say FuckSo a bunch of anti-cursing folks are real gosh-darned P.O.’d that Lily’s gonna be using the F-word on tonight’s episode of Modern Family […]
  5. words
    Parents Television Council Thinks ‘Boobs’ Is ProfaneAlso ‘suck’ and ‘screw.’
  6. The Fuck You Board GameThey really go for it with the profanity and young children, right? It’s pretty great. I wonder how many stage parents they had to talk to […]
  7. apologies
    MTV Apologizes for Onslaught of ‘F-Bombs’ During Movie AwardsAlso, the ratings take a hit.
  8. the industry
    Hollywood Loves a Good F&%#ing Title’Fuckbuddies’ and ‘I Want to Fuck Your Sister’ are just some of the scripts that are scoring.
  9. profanity
    SNL Continues to Thumb Its Nose at the FCC’s Rules Prohibiting ProfanityLady Gaga dropped an S-bomb on last night’s episode during a performance of “Paparazzi.”