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Prophets Of Rage

  1. music
    Prophets of Rage Break Up After Rage Against the Machine Reunion NewsEvery rage’s beginning comes from some other rage’s end.
  2. vulture lists
    Tom Morello: 12 Essential Post-Rage Against The Machine SongsDon’t forget about the time he played on basically an entire Bruce Springsteen record.
  3. Tom Morello Previews New Solo Album Featuring Big Boi, RZA and MoreHe’s already released two of the new tracks featuring Vic Mensa and Knife Party.
  4. videology
    Prophets of Rage’s New Video Is an Apocalyptic Michael Moore–Directed DocIt features footage of Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad juxtaposed with the image of a handcuffed protester last year.
  5. music reunions
    Audioslave Will Reunite for a Set at Prophet of Rage’s Anti-Inaugural BallThe last time the band played together was over a decade ago.
  6. super
    Rage Against the Machine Forms New SupergroupIntroducing Prophets of Rage.