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Purple Rain

  1. obits
    Clarence Williams III, The Mod Squad and Purple Rain Star, Dies at 81The actor began his career on the stage, earning a Tony nomination in 1965 for his work in Slow Dance on the Killing Ground.
  2. from the vault
    Early Lyrics to ‘Purple Rain’ and Other Musical Details From Prince’s New Book“I’m not a politician, I’m a purple musician, / And I only want to set u free.”
  3. vulture lists
    The 50 Greatest Movie Dance Scenes of All TimeCall Me By Your Name, Purple Rain, Black Swan, Paddington 2, and more.
  4. the purple one
    We Refuse to Believe Prince’s Favorite Color Wasn’t PurpleWait, what?
  5. right click
    Definitely Listen to the Studio Version of Prince’s ‘Electric Intercourse’ AloneAnother gift from his vault.
  6. 2016 amas
    Purple Rain Wins Best Soundtrack at AMAs“We’ll keep this for you at Paisley Park until we see you again.”
  7. the purple one
    Purple Rain Reissue, Prince Hits Album AnnouncedPrince 4Ever, indeed.
  8. $$$$$
    Prince’s Purple Rain Ruffled Shirt, Blazer SoldFor a very cool $96,000 each.
  9. bet awards 2016
    Watch Prince Tributes at the BET Awards Prepare to weep purple tears at these harmonies.
  10. prince
    AMC Extends Its Run of Purple Rain Into This Weekend to Meet Fan DemandMaybe even to a theater near you.
  11. roll clip!
    Watch Springsteen Cover Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’From Saturday night’s Barclays Center stop.
  12. party chats
    Gina Gershon Turned Down Prince’s Purple Rain“There’s a purple limousine waiting for me — a stretch.”
  13. prince 4 ever
    Watch The Color Purple Cast Sing ‘Purple Rain’Do they give Tonys for tributes?
  14. prince 4 ever
    Some Fans Captured the Last Time Prince Performed ‘Purple Rain’On piano.
  15. prince
    See Prince’s Unforgettable 2007 Super Bowl ShowWhat else do you perform in the rain but “Purple Rain”?
  16. remakes
    The Nigerien Remake of Purple Rain Looks GreatIt’s called Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai, which translates to “rain the color of blue with a little red in it.”
  17. somewhere in time
    It’s Time to Revisit All 38 Soundtracks to Hit No. 1 Since Purple RainYes, the Howard Stern’s Private Parts soundtrack was a No. 1 album.
  18. vulture lists
    10 Best Single-Artist Soundtracks EverThe Beatles were not considered, since they always win everything.