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  1. 1.5x speed
    Susan Orlean Falls Asleep to the Dateline Podcast“They’re cheesy and terrible, but they’re great white noise.”
  2. chat room
    Julia Lester Journeys to Theater Camp and Into the WoodsAs High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Ashlyn seeks her starring moment, the actress who plays her makes her own Broadway debut.
  3. a long talk
    Wes Studi Traveled His Own Road HereOn his time in Vietnam, his activism in the American Indian Movement, and his first romantic lead role in A Love Song.
  4. i love my dad
    So You Accidentally Fell in Love With Your Own Dad Catfishing You OnlinePatton Oswalt and James Morosini tell us how they turned a mortifying real-life episode into summer’s cringiest comedy.
  5. a long talk
    No One’s Realer Than Flo MilliThe Alabama rapper on her new album, making fans happy, and the last time she got into a fistfight.
  6. chat room
    There’s Only One Way Monét X Change Would Return to Drag Race“This being my last time, I just wanted to wrap everything up in a nice bow.”
  7. behind the seams
    Nope’s Vintage T-shirts Were Telling Us SomethingCostume designer Alex Bovaird explains what band merch, a Nudie suit, and one gravity-defying shoe have to do with Jean Jacket.
  8. shuwatch!
    Shin Ultraman Director Shinji Higuchi on His Optimistic Approach to Kaiju Movies“We didn’t have as big a budget as those American MonsterVerse films, so we couldn’t really destroy the world like they did.”
  9. a long talk
    Zahn McClarnon Is Just Being HonestAfter 30 years elevating supporting roles, the Dark Winds lead wants to take more risks.
  10. chat room
    Becoming Elizabeth’s Tom Cullen Barely Remembers Filming His Big Scene“I wanted everyone on set to not know what was going to happen next.”
  11. chat room
    Matthew Modine Doesn’t Think His Stranger Things Time Is UpThe actor on the “unforgivable crimes” of Dr. Brenner and whether “Papa” is worthy of redemption.
  12. the mind of a mollusk
    Marcel the Shell on Fame, Ambition, and LintThe movie-star mollusk himself answers our questions with some help from Jenny Slate.
  13. q&a
    Julie Klausner and Tom Scharpling Have Podcast Advice for Alec BaldwinAnd they had Dylan Farrow on Double Threat to dole it out.
  14. a long talk
    Jeremy Allen White Had Some Questions About The Bear’s FinaleThirst Twitter’s current obsession analyzes Carmy’s tics and all that tomato sauce.
  15. exit interview
    ‘This Show Is a Lot of Things, But Subtle Is Not One of Them’Showrunner Eric Kripke is clear about whose side The Boys is on.
  16. role call
    Chad L. Coleman Answers Every Question We Have About The WireThe actor on navigating Cutty’s “Invisible Man complex” and the real Baltimoreans who added texture to his performance.
  17. in conversation
    Larry Wilmore Knows No BoundsHe’s kept the golden age of Black TV comedy alive for three decades. He’ll make any network eat its words.
  18. meat deets
    The Bear’s Ebon Moss-Bachrach on the Art of Playing the Obstacle“No one ever told me to pull back, which I’m shocked about, and maybe was a mistake.”
  19. chat room
    P-Valley’s J. Alphonse Nicholson on Showing Lil Murda’s Tender Side“It was very selfless to comfort his friend, his ex-lover, his once-companion. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything on TV like that before.”
  20. ted!
    An Interview With Stranger Things’ Most Oblivious Dad“If you remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the vixen, Jessica Rabbit, is like, ‘I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way.’ Ted is like that.”
  21. q+a
    Robin S. Is Riding the Wave of Beyoncé’s ‘Break My Soul’“‘Show Me Love’ is my legacy. And Beyoncé thought of me enough to be a part of my legacy.”
  22. exit interview
    Peter Strickland Wants the Work That Hacks Are Getting“I don’t see hack as a dirty word,” says the director of Flux Gourmet, an empathetic look at the cost of good art and the perils of human digestion.
  23. chat room
    David Hyde Pierce Almost Missed His Julia MomentThe TV legend on playing opposite Sarah Lancashire and his ambivalence about that Frasier reboot.
  24. chat room
    Nayeon Worked on Her Solo EP During Twice’s Record-Breaking World TourThe K-pop singer on writing lyrics in planes and hotels, being the first soloist in her group, and running into Stray Kids’ Felix.
  25. beware dario argento
    Dario Argento on Acting for Gaspar Noé, Witchcraft, and Directing ChimpanzeesThe trick to teaching a chimpanzee to tear apart Venetian blinds is to first do it yourself, says the Italian horror maestro.
  26. jurassic world: dominion
    Why Colin Trevorrow Won’t Let the T. Rex Die“Sometimes I feel like the death of these iconic characters are a good dry run for the death of our parents.”
  27. in conversation
    Laura Linney Resists InterpretationThe actress lives for the stage, loves film crews, and treasures her co-stars. Just don’t ask her about the ending of Ozark. 
  28. exit interview
    Bill Hader Wanted the Barry Finale to Feel Like a Panic AttackThe writer, director, and star maps out season three’s journey to that final frame: “Everything has consequences.”
  29. chat room
    Anthony Carrigan Is Ready for NoHo Hank to Face the Consequences of His Actions“The toll that’s taken in getting there doesn’t go away.”
  30. top chef: houston
    Sarah Welch Had No Idea What She Was In For on Last Chance KitchenThe Top Chef runner-up on her long road back to the main competition, her favorite finale dish, and her “butcher-shop mentality.”
  31. q&a
    Andrew Ahn Did Want to Show Dick on Fire Island“I remember asking, ‘Can I have two soft penises, one for each orgy?’”
  32. chat room
    O-T Fagbenle on Recreating Obama’s Still Timely Sandy Hook SpeechThe First Lady actor shot his re-creation of the president’s tearful 2012 statement on the last day of production for the Showtime series.
  33. exit interview
    David Cronenberg Explains HimselfHe says his latest film Crimes of the Future works on multiple levels. “But I really do think we’re kind of destroying the earth.”
  34. exit interview
    Joseph Kosinski’s Vast, Lonely WorldsThe Oblivion and Tron: Legacy director knew just how to pitch a Top Gun sequel to Tom Cruise: “Maverick is still Maverick,” he said. “But he’s alone.”
  35. crimes of the future
    At Cannes, Kristen Stewart Is Bracing for ‘Quite Certain Destruction’Her new movie, David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future, takes place in a world in ruins. As she puts it, “We’re not far off.”
  36. in conversation
    Melanie Lynskey Felt Like a Hollywood MisfitAfter debuting at 17, the actress was lost in the industry. “I kept getting reminded I was not the things you needed to be.”
  37. cannes 2022
    Jeremy Strong on Playing James Gray’s Dad in Armageddon Time“He’s a bit of a crooner and has a certain amount of brio. It’s a feast of a character.”
  38. chat room
    What Conversation With Friends’ Final Scene Means to Alison Oliver“I know people have such conflicted feelings.”
  39. she *and* him? in this economy?
    Ahead of Their Brian Wilson Tribute Album, a Very She & Him Q&AZooey Deschanel and M. Ward on the Beach Boys, harmonies, and why their band has lasted this long.
  40. role call
    Kathy Najimy Answers Every Question We Have About Sister ActOn how Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart inspired the character’s relentless pep and sneaking backstage in a bunny costume to meet Bette Midler.
  41. podcasts
    Are You in a Cult? This Podcast Can Tell YouSounds Like a Cult hosts Amanda Montell and Isabela Medina want you to be suspicious of everything, from SoulCycle to Disney.
  42. this much i know to be true
    Lessons From Filming Nick Cave’s Journey Through Grief“The constant concern was just, is it grief porn? Is it exploitative? Where’s the line?”
  43. in conversation
    John C. Reilly Thinks Audiences Just Want to Be SurprisedHe’d do (almost) anything to oblige.
  44. chat room
    Moon Knight’s May Calamawy on Layla’s Future and Love of Marshmallows“I’m going to fight to tell a true story and a true woman, and what comes with it.”
  45. chat room
    Brittany Bradford Ate Coq au Vin 5 Days in a Row on the Set of Julia“At every opportunity, whether I was in the scene or not, I’d be like, ‘What are we making today?‘”
  46. exit interview
    Soo Hugh’s Pachinko Confronts the Present With the PastThe Apple TV+ showrunner adapted Min Jin Lee’s sprawling, multigenerational epic novel with an eye for intimacy.
  47. q&a
    Hatching Director Hanna Bergholm on the Horror of Birds and Motherhood“I’ve always been afraid of horror films. Maybe that’s why I’m so interested in telling stories about fear.”
  48. finales
    Pamela Adlon Looks on the Bright Side of Better Things’ EndThe creator-star on why she ended her show with a direct-to-camera Monty Python song and how it feels to end such a deeply autobiographical series.
  49. two friends
    Double TakeLet’s Eat Grandma’s Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton on learning to write their stories separately after a lifelong friendship.
  50. chat room
    Stephanie Hsu on Singing ‘Barbie Girl’ With Michelle YeohThe Everything Everywhere All at Once star on what got cut, including a “Barbie Girl” sing-along, and Jenny Slate as a piece of macaroni.
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