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  1. a long talk
    Sterlin Harjo Lays Reservation Dogs to Rest“We’ve watched this world grow from four kids to a whole community.”
  2. in conversation
    Todd Haynes Plays the SuperegoThe director is interested in people constrained by society’s rules. In his new film May December, he makes it harder to root for the rule-breakers.
  3. q&a
    PJ Harvey Changed Her Mind About Touring“I had to ask myself, ‘Is this still the best contribution I have to give?’ And I think the answer is yes.”
  4. negotiations
    How Anti-‘Algorithm’ Richard Linklater’s Hit Man Ended Up at NetflixThe Glen Powell-starring festival smash seemed destined for theaters and maybe awards season. A rainmaking sales agent walks us through what happened.
  5. the vampire
    ‘I Think Every Movie Is Political’El Conde director Pablo Larraín on using satire to confront a real-life monster and finding inspiration in so-called “bad” movies.
  6. chat room
    Allison Russell’s ‘Open Letter to White Supremacy’The singer revisits her own horrific past on her song “Eve Was Black.”
  7. theater
    The Merrily Leads Are Old Friends NowIn Jonathan Groff, Lindsay Mendez, and Daniel Radcliffe’s hands, the show might be a Broadway hit at long last.
  8. venice 2023
    Agnieszka Holland’s Green Border Is an Urgent Warning“The Holocaust was a vaccination for humanity, especially for Europe, against nationalism and racism. And now it’s evaporating.”
  9. chat room
    Love Island Winners Hannah and Marco Were Too Horny to Worry About GrandmaThe USA season-five contestants on their Hideaway hookup, Leo’s fuckup, and Kay Kay’s and Keenan’s sudden departures.
  10. a long talk
    ‘This Is Not a Blip’Dallas Goldtooth considers the post–Reservation Dogs future, for himself and for an industry that’s finally making space for Native creators.
  11. into it
    Chance the Rapper Will Always Be Proud of Acid RapTen years after his breakthrough mixtape, the Chicago native reflects on the days of being broke, “just trying to make this dream work.”
  12. chat room
    Jihyo’s New Zone: Stardom on Her TermsAfter 18 years in the K-pop industry, the Twice leader says “now is the perfect time” for her to become a solo artist.
  13. sex scenes
    It’s All in Franz Rogowski’s GazeThe star of the summer’s most intimate, explicit movie, Passages, reveals what’s behind his now-famous stare.
  14. exit interview
    The Riverdale Cast Is Ready to GraduateAfter seven seasons on one of TV’s weirdest teen soaps, the show’s stars say nothing can shock them.
  15. chat room
    Chappell Roan Just Wants to Be Hannah Montana“Pop music is pop music. It’s not trying to be all indie math-rock bullshit.”
  16. exit interview
    ‘We Can Choose to Not Create More Damage’The creators of docuseries Last Call use a true crime frame to uncover the cycle of hate and violence that stalked queer communities in ’90s New York.
  17. chat room
    How Cillian Murphy Found His ‘Resting Physicist’s Face’“My job is to convince the audience that Oppenheimer knows what he’s doing. I really spent most of the time working on his psychology.”
  18. q&a
    The One Thing Missing From Oppenheimer’s ScoreLudwig Göransson strategically avoided an entire instrument family and built one of the most beautifully agitating movie soundtracks.
  19. barbenheimer
    Benny Safdie Is Really Proud of How His Eyebrows ‘Shined’ in Oppenheimer“Every once in a while I have a straggler that I’ll just pluck out. But Chris said, ‘Don’t do that. Let’s just let it go crazy.’”
  20. chat room
    It Sure Feels Good to Have Robert Downey Jr. Onscreen AgainDowney wanted a new experience, and he got it in Oppenheimer, a movie that takes him from chummy to snakelike in a fascinating role.
  21. barbie world
    The Woman Who Rescued Barbie from Development HellMattel executive Robbie Brenner, head of the toy company’s film division, tells us what it took to save the long-gestating adaptation.
  22. in conversation
    ‘I Can Do Things to You With My Voice’Fifty-one years of acting. Hundreds of roles. One Samuel L. Jackson.
  23. emmys 2023
    Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn Disagree on Better Call Saul’s Final Scene“Bob’s always like, ‘They never see each other again and they both die in a fiery car crash.’”
  24. a long talk
    What Jharrel Jerome Learned While Staring Down a 13-Foot Version of HimselfFacing off against a giant doll on the set of Boots Riley’s I’m a Virgo was absolutely mortifying, weird, and undeniably impressive.
  25. heard!
    The Real Chefs Behind The Bear Made Way More Than 7 FishesMatty Matheson and Courtney ‘Coco’ Storer talk chaos menus, dream pasta, and trauma cannoli.
  26. a long talk
    ‘My Films Had So Much Anger’John Woo reflects on a career driven by action, ambition, and artistry.
  27. theater
    Liz Kingsman Is Getting Famous for Being Not FamousHer One Woman Show is a monologue about writing a monologue to chase celebrity. It’s working.
  28. idol chatter
    Da’Vine Joy Randolph on What Was and Wasn’t Supposed to Happen in The Idol“It’s everyone’s desire and intention to do a season two, and until we hear differently, that’s the plan.”
  29. chat room
    Dewayne Perkins on Being The Blackening’s Queer Final GirlThe writer-star of the new horror-comedy on skewering stereotypes and proving that the gay best friend can be the hero, too.
  30. characters talking
    How Genndy Tartakovsky Cracked the Code to Quiet AnimationHis best films and TV shows rest on long, wordless sequences that challenge the audience to figure out his stories for themselves.
  31. what green screen?
    There’s an Art to Setting Chris Hemsworth on FireNetflix tried to persuade stuntman turned director Sam Hargrave to use digital effects to set his movie star ablaze. He declined.
  32. movies
    Parker Posey Doesn’t Know If She Can Live in New YorkThe actress on aging in the city, terrible boyfriends, and why she doesn’t read her press.
  33. in conversation
    50 Cent Has Stories to SellEvery record label once wanted what he had (and was afraid of it). Now all of Hollywood wants it too.
  34. sanctuary
    Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbott on Their Dominatrix ThrillerThe friends talk about their highly choreographed psychosexual farce Sanctuary and their roles in Yorgos Lanthimos’s forthcoming Poor Things.
  35. finale thoughts
    Succession’s Alan Ruck Is Still Unraveling Clues About Connor“Jesse was like, ‘I don’t know … perhaps.’ That’s the whole show, to an extent. He loves that everybody has a different opinion about it.”
  36. backstories
    The Tragedy of Hope“With Open Eyes” needed to feel like “a slow boil toward that final boardroom scene,” says Succession director Mark Mylod.
  37. chat room
    Barry’s Henry Winkler Wanted Gene to Feel Nothing in His Final Scene“In my mind, it got very quiet and empty.”
  38. chat room
    Mary Catherine Garrison Loves Growing With TriciaThe Somebody Somewhere actor “lit up” at season two’s scripts: “She’s trying so hard to do her best and life just keeps toppling over.”
  39. leveling up
    Trace Lysette Wishes She Had Something More Hopeful to SayThe actress has spent years hoping to land (or just audition for) roles like the one she has in Monica. But it’s been a struggle.
  40. cannes 2023
    ‘Pedro, This Is Like the Cover of PlaygirlAn afternoon at Cannes with the young hunks of Pedro Almodóvar’s gay cowboy movie, Strange Way of Life.
  41. chat room
    Harriet Walter Embraced Succession’s Meeting of the WAGs“Logan messed up all these people. Yet we’ve all had our time when we’ve loved him.”
  42. cannes 2023
    Pedro Almodóvar Can’t Talk About His New Movie (But It Will Be About Death)The director says he is following up his gay-cowboy short with a mysterious film “about two women in a very intimate situation.”
  43. finale thoughts
    Betty Gilpin Is Still Pondering the Mysteries of the Mrs. Davis Finale“It’s not some evil ominous supercomputer, and it’s not a robot Mother Teresa. It’s a reflection of who we are. And that’s almost scarier.”
  44. podcasts
    The Podcast That Isn’t Afraid of James DolanReign of Error takes on the notorious businessman who controls Madison Square Garden (and the Knicks, Rangers, and Rockettes) with an iron fist.
  45. chat room
    Justin Kirk Wanted Richard Spencer’s Faux-hawk for MenckenSuccession’s fascist-in-chief breaks down the machinations of “America Decides” and his “cheery” acceptance speech.
  46. chat room
    Chris Messina on the Art of Phone Acting While Waving a Mini-Sword Around“I wasn’t quite sure what that sword was doing there, but I knew that it should be used,” says the Air scene-stealer.
  47. america decides
    Adam Godley’s Eyes Are Very Much Okay After Succession’s Wasabi-LaCroix Incident“I got a call from my agents, ‘Can you get on a plane in a couple of days to shoot an episode of Succession?’ I was like, ‘Yes, I can do that.’”
  48. chat room
    Ashley Zukerman Knows This Is Succession’s Bleakest Episode Yet“He does his job because he believes in it, and this kills him.”
  49. q+a
    billy woods Is on an Indie-Rap Hero’s JourneyHe’s running an acclaimed record label, resurrecting old weed strains, and releasing the best music of his career.
  50. chat room
    Yellowjackets’ Sarah Desjardins Thinks Callie Deserves a Little Sympathy“She has never felt connected to her mom, like, literally at all. That’s why she’s lashed out so much.”
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