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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

  1. chat room
    Queen Charlotte’s Arsema Thomas Supports Lady Danbury’s Life of Solitude“It’s only when given the title, the freedom, and the space as a lady-in-waiting to the queen that she’s able to recognize her agency.”
  2. gorgeous gowns
    Alicia Keys’s ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ Orchestral Version Plucks HeartstringsPerformed for Netflix’s Queen Charlotte.
  3. a long talk
    A Shonda StoryRhimes made Bridgerton a TV phenomenon but hadn’t written its world. Queen Charlotte is all hers.
  4. history lessons
    The Fact and Fiction of Queen Charlotte’s Royal RomanceThe Bridgerton prequel is a love story, not a history lesson, but the bond between Charlotte and George was very real.
  5. overnights
    Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Finale Recap: In the SkyThe royal bloodline will live on! We already knew that, but it’s still exciting news.
  6. overnights
    Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Recap: We All Have GardensCharlotte and Lady Danbury are really going through it.
  7. overnights
    Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Recap: The One About the Mad KingSeeing what’s been going on with George is a major bummer!
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    Queen Charlotte Recap: Your Palace Walls Are Too HighCharlotte and George might struggle to understand each other, but it doesn’t stop them from dutifully boning. It’s hot!
  9. party report
    There’s Hope for Queen Charlotte’s Other Great Love StoryActor Hugh Sachs says one scene didn’t make it into the Bridgerton prequel.
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    Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Recap: You Prefer the Sky to MeLady Danbury has entered the chat. Let’s fucking go!
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    Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Series-Premiere Recap: The Great ExperimentShonda Rhimes’s new prequel(ish) series tells the story of how Charlotte became the queen we know and love today.
  12. party report
    Queen Charlotte Cast Members Dream Up Their Own Coronation PerformersWho would rise to the occasion (or rise from the dead)?
  13. tv review
    Queen Charlotte Is Bridgerton’s Diamond of the SeasonThe rumors are true: Netflix’s newest addition to the prequel set is a gem.
  14. news from shondaland
    Bridgerton Gives Queen Charlotte Her Own Romance in First TrailerThe prequel gallops onto Netflix on May 4.
  15. from the desk of lady whistledown
    Netflix Officially Settles The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical LawsuitThere will be no court(ship) after all.