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    Wait, What’s Going on With Hilaria Baldwin?Her speaker bio now no longer includes a line about being born in Spain.
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    Sigh, Another White Woman Has Been Exposed As Pretending to Be Black for CloutThis time it’s George Washington University professor Jessica Krug.
  3. The Rachel Divide Is a Rorschach Blot for Its ViewersSome people think it’s a hatchet job, others that it gives Rachel Dolezal’s commitment to social justice too much credence.
  4. Netflix’s Rachel Dolezal Documentary Comes Down Hard on Its SubjectThe filmmakers even discussed leaving her out of the film entirely to focus on Dolezal’s ability to stir outrage.
  5. Watch the Exclusive First Clip for the Rachel Dolezal DocumentaryThe Rachel Divide focuses on the civil-rights activist who was unmasked as a white woman passing for black.
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    Maya Rudolph Played Rachel Dolezal on Late NightOh, how SNL has missed you.
  7. Author Jess Row: There Are Others Like Dolezal“When I was out on book tour, I felt like I was often saying, ‘I think someone’s gonna come along and claim to be transracial.’ So, to me, it’s actually surprising that something like this didn’t happen sooner.”
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    Dave Chappelle Is ‘Not Going to Do Any Jokes’ About Rachel Dolezal“She’s just a person, no matter how we feel about her.”