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Raging Beefcakes

  1. apropos of nothing
    Travesty: ‘People’ Names David Cook One of World’s Hottest Bachelors’People’ hilariously implies that Cook is fit to stand alongside such highly coveted single gentlemen as Bret Michaels and Britney Spears’s brother.
  2. apropos of nothing
    Lil Wayne Not Collaborating With Zac Efron, SadlyDid you hear about the upcoming collaboration between frequently spliffed rapper Lil Wayne and studly teen heartthrob Zac Efron? And not just that — Efron is currently living in Wayne’s Miami beach house while the pair remixes the soundtrack to High School Musical 2?
  3. countdown
    Want to See the New ‘Cloverfield’ Trailer? Then You Have to Watch ‘Beowulf,’ says J.J. AbramsAfter months of our begging, J.J. Abrams has finally agreed to cut a new trailer for his secret monster movie Cloverfield, which will allegedly reveal the film’s actual title. The catch? You may have to look at Angelina Jolie naked.
  4. backlash to the backlash
    You Guys, Zac Efron Really Needs Us Right NowNegative attention is tearing Zac Efron apart.
  5. apropos of nothing
    Zac Efron Officially Turning Your Children OnWe now officially declare Zac Efron the new Marlon Brando.
  6. apropos of nothing
    What the Terrorists Don’t Understand About Zac EfronThe Al Qaeda–affiliated Britons who issued death threats to Diddy and other dangerous subversives in the video that we highlighted earlier today really got us peeved.
  7. apropos of nothing
    We Are Giving Zac Efron the Silent TreatmentBut you Zac haters are still about to get served!
  8. apropos of nothing
    Zac Efron, Million-Dollar BabeWe can’t imagine anyone else dancing and smiling and playing basketball like you, Zac.
  9. backlash
    Zac Efron Is a Big, Hard-Bodied Liar, TooHe might be a godless hound for budding teen idols like Vanessa Hudgens, but Zac Efron is apparently something else as well: a liar.
  10. backlash
    Zac Efron Is No Role Model!The High School Musical franchise, people keep repeating, might be the most wholesome thing in all of media. But is it really?