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  1. Saturday Night’s Children: Randy Quaid (1985-1986)Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 37 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we […]
  2. crazytown
    Randy Quaid’s Hot New Single, ‘Star Whackers,’ Explains EverythingSee the video!
  3. books
    Who Wants to Ghostwrite a Book for Randy and Evi Quaid?The pair is developing a tell-all about “Hollywood Star Whackers.”
  4. crime
    The Most Outrageous Passages From Vanity Fair’s Randy and Edi Quaid Profile“Madonna was funny.” Evi said. “She tried to seduce Randy away. She said, ‘Randy, don’t you wanna come back? Jennifer [Grey] and I, we’re gonna have a menage.’”
  5. crazytown
    Is Randy Quaid Crazy or Starring in a Secret Movie Satire?It’s probably the first, but his amazing ‘Good Morning America’ interview plays like the second.
  6. o’ canada
    Randy Quaid and Wife Now Trying the Patience of Canadian GovernmentBecause they are, sadly, still completely bonkers.
  7. The Curse of Randy Quaid Threatens Hollywood CommunityWatch your back, Chevy Chase!
  8. the take
    Randy Quaid Banned for Life by Actors’ EquityAt what point is a star so unstarry — or so crazy — that it’s not worth casting him?
  9. news reel
    Report From Seattle: Why ‘Lone Star Love’ Got Canceled Before Its Broadway RunNew York audiences may never get to see Randy Quaid grinding lustily around the stage with a bulging codpiece and magenta hair.
  10. the industry
    Seth Rogen Now Wearing Green Tights in a Movie, Not Just in Your DreamsPlus industry news on Steven Soderbergh’s Che Guevara biopics, Wolverine, and a great country-and-western musical.