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  1. What’s the Flame Point of Data? Updating Fahrenheit 451 for the E-Book Era.Writer-director Ramin Bahrani on incorporating iPhones and Donald Trump into his HBO movie adaptation of the Ray Bradbury dystopian classic.
  2. HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 Trailer: Burn Baby Burn, Literature Inferno!We’re getting sweaty already.
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    Listen to a Lost Interview With Ray Bradbury“The then-89-year-old Bradbury spent a little over an hour ruminating on life, love, space exploration, and even libraries, with the verve and wit of somebody a fraction of his age.”
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    Read an Infographic of Ray Bradbury’s PredictionsRemember Virtual Reality?
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    Exclusive: Film Version of Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine in WorksThe author considered the book his most personal work.
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    Seitz: Ray Bradbury Was the Author of Our DreamsHe was the first author whose words kept me up all night.
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    Listen to a Rap About Ray BradburyIn case you don’t need 24 hours to digest the news.
  8. R.I.P. Ray Bradbury
    Guillermo del Toro on the Death of Ray BradburyThe Pan’s Labyrinth director e-mailed Vulture a brief message on the passing of a fiction titan.
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    Ray Bradbury Dead at 91A sad day for speculative fiction.
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    Relax, Lady: Pete Campbell Won’t Drop Your BabyPlus: Chris Colfer will take the stairs next time.
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    Young Woman Writes Passionate Love Song to Ray BradburyRachel Bloom is an enthusiastic fan of the 89-year-old sci-fi author.
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    Ray Bradbury: The Future Has ‘Too Many Internets’The Fahrenheit 451 author is turning ninety, so cut him some slack.
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    Ray Bradbury Speaks on Mel Gibson and ‘the Russian Girl’(Gibson owns the movie rights to ‘Fahrenheit 451.’)
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    See an Example of Soviet Sci-Fi Animation From the EightiesIt’s making us nauseous.
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    Harvey Keitel to Curse at Small ChildrenPlus: Jason Priestley! Zachary Quinto! Ray Bradbury!