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  1. reaction gifs explained
    Jennifer Garner Explains Her Oscars Reaction Meme: That’s Just Her Face“What is wrong with me?”
  2. reaction gifs
    Sam Smith Called Himself a ‘Dick Monster’ in Front of Patti LaBelleShe was, um, very surprised.
  3. emmys 2017
    Thank You, Anna Chlumsky, for the Glorious Emmys Reaction ShotsThe Veep star had the night’s best reactions.
  4. the hamiltonys
    See Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Reactions at the TonysWe’re not crying, you’re crying.
  5. grammys 2016
    Lionel Richie’s Reactions Won Grammys TributeAlso Dave Grohl and his red solo cup.
  6. diva live
    King, Obamas Reaction GIFs to Aretha FranklinFeaturing Carole King and the Obamas.
  7. reaction gifs
    Your Guide to Parks and Recreation Reaction GIFsGood-bye, show.
  8. reaction gifs
    Your Gilmore Girls Reaction GIF GuideFor busy streamers, an easy way to keep in touch with the real world.