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Record Store Day

  1. interview
    Marc Maron on Difficult Interviews, Ryan Adams, Neil Young, and More“Neil Young’s another one. I didn’t really know, going in, that he doesn’t like doing interviews … That started off pretty dicey.”
  2. deep cuts
    Two Rare, Unreleased David Bowie Albums to Drop on Record Store DayBetter line up now for two rare, never-before-heard vinyl releases from the late legend.
  3. prince
    The Last CDs Prince Bought Prove He Has Excellent Taste, As If We Ever DoubtedHe was supporting Record Store Day.
  4. Scharpling & Wurster Are Releasing a Vinyl LP of ‘Rock, Rot & Rule’ for […]Record Store Day, the annual event to celebrate international record stores, is happening on April 19th, and Best Show on WFMU comedy duo Tom […]
  5. clickables
    Hear Two New Radiohead Tracks, ‘Supercollider’ and ‘The Butcher’In honor of Record Store Day.
  6. music
    Hear a Previously Unreleased Rolling Stones Song, ‘Plundered My Soul’Another Record Store Day special.
  7. beat the record
    Are Indie Shops Flipping Their Record Store Day Exclusives on eBay?The event is supposed to save record stores — perhaps the owners are just trying to save themselves faster with jacked-up prices.
  8. reunions
    First New Blur Song in Seven Years Is Literally About Recording the First New Blur Song in Seven YearsIt’s good, but maybe not quite the return you were hoping for.
  9. novelties
    Was Record Store Day a Success?From our vantage point, it’s a resounding “Yes.”