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Red Wedding

  1. 5 Obscure Historical References You Might Have Missed in Game of Thrones▶️ Yes, there really was a real-life Red Wedding.
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    The Opening to Game of Thrones Season 7 Is the Show’s Best EverIt’s a thrilling twist and a savvy callback to the show’s bloodiest betrayals.
  3. fan theories
    Is Game of Thrones Going to Give Us a Second Red Wedding?Maybe, but not the way it’s gone in the books.
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    Sunday’s GOT Was Harder to Film Than Red Wedding“It was like a pyramid that you have to take one block at a time.”
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    David Bradley on The Strain and the Red Wedding“I rather enjoyed playing Walder — rather more than is healthy, really.”
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    Princess BrideGame of Thrones Wedding Mash-upYet another happy day ruined.
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    Martin on Game of Thrones’ Red WeddingPlus: David Letterman made fun of Johnny Galecki’s “Joaquin Phoenix” look.