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Remembering Bowie

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    31 Celebs on Their Favorite BowieWhat’s more popular? “Let’s Dance” or “Life on Mars”?
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    Tony Oursler on David Bowie’s Art-World Ties“I said, ‘So you see the patterns in your head?’ And he said, ‘Yes, I do.’”
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    David Bowie’s Gift to Young Bands: His Fandom. Interpol’s Paul Banks Remembers.“I think it was one of the things when we were getting a little beating in the press, and then David Bowie shows up and it’s just like, Well, fucking David Bowie likes us. Whatever.”
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    Bowie Guitarist Gerry Leonard on His Final Years“I think he waited so he could be his own critic, because when it comes to having a perspective on your own work, time is your friend.”
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    Tony Visconti: David Bowie Was Planning a Post-Blackstar ReleaseThe late rock idol made mention of a follow-up record not long before his death.
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    These Are the Must-Read David Bowie TributesBowie’s passing has quickly become the most think-pieced celebrity death in internet history.
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    Palahniuk Recalls How Bowie Helped Fight ClubTurns out there’s a lot of untapped inspiration in sound checks.
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    The Tao of Starman: David Bowie in His Own Words, Throughout the Golden YearsDavid Bowie said some crazy things, yes, but he was also quite wise.
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    C. Crowe on Bowie: He Careened Into the FutureThe writer-director also shared a self-portrait the rock legend gave him.
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    Todd Haynes: ‘The Loss of David Bowie Is Incalculable’The director’s work has been informed by the gender-bending Bowie forged.
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    Conan Recalls Favorite Late Night Bowie MemoriesThe rock idol appeared numerous times on the host’s old talk show.
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    Lorde on Meeting Her Hero, David Bowie: ‘That Night Something Changed in Me’She memorialized the late British rock idol via Facebook.
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    16 of David Bowie’s Best Live Performances You Can Watch Right NowFrom his big Top of the Pops debut to SNL with Klaus Nomi to his Glastonbury sing-along.
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    David Bowie’s Extraordinary Life in 57 Photos50 years of awesome.
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    Why David Bowie Was a Geek IconUntil people can shoot lasers from their eyes, David Bowie will have been the closest thing to a real-life superhero we ever got.
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    10 Thoughts on David BowieI think in the end, Bowie’s greatest legacy will have been an extension of this: expanding the rock world — its music, its vocabulary, its worldview.
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    Grieving David Bowie, a True Rock Star in Life and in DeathOur music critic mourns the loss of David Bowie, a rock star so committed to his post that he soundtracked his own death.
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    Celebrities React to the Death of David BowieFrom Billy Idol and Gene Simmons to Kanye and Madonna.